Saturday , May 15 2021

New Song of Huang Zikai Was Protested And Crashed And Cried, May Day Aksin Helped To Save Fire | Huang Zikai | New Song | Axin_Sina

Huang Zikai's new song was leaked and cried, and Mayday Axin helped fight the fire.Huang Zikai's new song was leaked and cried, and Mayday Axin helped fight the fire.

Juan Zikai issued a letter thanking AshinJuan Zikai issued a letter thanking Ashin

According to media reports from Taiwan, Huang Zikai's personal album has long been expected to be released at the end of the year. Recently, due to the release of the copyright of the song "You Like the Wind", he can not be included in the album, causing him to crash and cry several times, and the heart is depressing. Lost again. Early in the morning, he posted good news via Facebook, saying that an angel musician took only 7 hours to hand over the work. "Except for touching, I'm still moved. How can I get it back?"

He also thanked the friends of the stars who sent personal messages from Chen Ginning and Huang Youning and even thanked his girlfriend Meng Ruhr for his friendship. He received him yesterday at around 15 o'clock. In a private message that is ready to help, he said: "There is a sense of destiny, and one of them opened the case. I called the songwriter without using WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, but Juan Zikai said:" I was surprised and excited and with tears in the background, "he added." Unfortunately, the final album was not recorded.

The other party spent 7 hours to hand over the work, spent 2 hours to write a lyrical evening, is expected to enter the studio tonight to meet the fulfillment of 10 songs, and the media pointed out that the other side is Mayday Ashin, and Huang Zikai previously has announced the identity of the other party. "Thank you for the Mayday team, thank you, Master Ashin, this life is due, I do not want to be forced to cry all the time, I cried in the past two days, I just want things to go smoothly." Surprised after he heard that Huang Zikai apologized, he said that it does not matter. "The only question is the time to talk to everyone (speaking)!"

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