Tuesday , January 26 2021

New release of XiaoIce Framework with 11 AI singers can shorten the production cycle from one year to 45 days jqknews

Original title: XiaoIce Framework releases 11 new AI singers, which can shorten the production cycle from one year to 45 days

Today, Xiaoiceartificial intelligenceThe frame has 11 newly released AI singers, which further reflects Xiaoicethe companyThe vision is to create exclusive AI creatures such as assistants, colleagues, relatives and friends and singers for everyone. This time, the 11 new AI singers set some new rules and tried to solve some old problems.

1 The issue of ownership. For these 11 AI singers and the 5 previously released AI singers, the lyrics and music to which they belong, compose and interpret may belong to a third party and do not necessarily belong to Xiaoice;

2 priceProblem In terms of time, training of other virtual / AI singers andbusinessThe application lasts one year, and the Xiaoice frame only lasts 45 days; the number of virtual / AI singers on other platforms / frames is extremely limited (all in single digits), while the Xiaoice frame has 16;qualityOn the other hand, he has a pronounced power close to that of a professional singer, and the technical threshold for adjustment is low, and the room for improvement is large.

3 industryThe chain industry is far more than just the singer himself. The XiaoIce frame not only launches the AI ​​singer himself, but also launches a complete set of songwriters, assistants, etc.team.

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