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"New Year's Eve: Fishy Jupe," supported by China's "China Star", announced demonstrations in the real world at a press conference on March 7th and announced the listing plan.However, there are several Chinese netizens who have found that something is wrong. The reason is that the issue of the China issue will be published separately.

The New Year's Eve: Pisces and Jade was originally called New Year's Eve, which describes the former special hero with special physical qualities and went to the mysterious little island in the legend to explore the secret of his life. Behind, and behind the vision, there are hidden more terrible secrets.

Pisces Yupei sounds like something that will appear in the novel "Tomb Notes" and "Ghost Blows the Light", and it's really a mysterious artifact that is widely discussed in domestic supernatural whispers. Peng Jiamu, a biochemist who worked as a dean of the Xinjiang branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, disappeared in 1980 when he led a team to inspect the inside of Lop Nour. After his disappearance, authorities launched four search operations, but found nothing. In such circumstances, domestic netizens began a bizarre assumption, pointing out that the disappearance of Peng Jiamu was related to "Pisces Jupe."

Peng Jiamu (first right)

One of the most famous versions is the discovery of a well-preserved monument in Lop Nour, which found Riby jade, and the researchers found that they were repeating the identical organism. Peng Jiamu was copied from Pisces Jupe and seemed to be "gone". But, "New Year's Eve: Pisces and Jade" is not a game related to copying people. According to the game review, the vision that appears in the game (or "in the game" is called "meat") is actually a zombie.

"New Year: Pisces and Jade" preview of the game:

In place of Lop Nur, it was also said that there were zombies in the period from 1957 to 1962. Peng Jiamu, a biological scientist, came to Lo Nur for this purpose in 1980. The elements of "Pisces and Jade", "Zombie Virus" and "Wasteland" are collected. "The New One: Pisces and Jade" is obviously based on this scientific research as a reference and build a story.

One of the goals of the domestic movement in the 1960s was to respect materialism. If it's forbidden to spread legends on this basis, it's really reasonable. However, in 2017, "Pisces and Jade" is still one of the most sensitive topics in China. After two years of change, it's easy to produce Lenovo content. Can "New Year's Eve: Fish and Jade" be considered in China? However, many home players leave a message to Weibo that they can not. Yes, the development of this Chinese team, the Chinese cultural theme and Chinese voice translations may not be considered, which will result in blocked distribution.

From the point of view of the player, it is a pity. After all, in reality we may not be able to know the truth in our lives, and "New Year: Pisces and Jade" will always give the player an account.

"New Year's Eve: Fishy Jupe" is a new production of the PS VR, created for China's long-running movie games. It will be distributed by Sony Entertainment in overseas regions and will be screened in Europe, North America, Japan and Asia. The issue of China will be published separately.

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