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NBA · The Lakers have not finished the celebration yet. Jean Huang: Is that it? I'm sorry – Sport

In the regular season in the NBA, "Jean Huang," LeBron James teamed up with Curza to lead the Lakers in Los Angeles in order to win the home field from 120-196, winning a triple winning series and giving the opponent a fourfold loss of streak , fifth in the West. Name.

(USA, Los Angeles, 3) Regular season on Monday in the NBA, "Jean Huang" LeBron James teamed up with Curza to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to win the Phoenix Sun at 120-96 at home, taking the winning streak of three games and give it to the opponent 4 Lost in the queue, fifth in the west.

In this campaign, James scored 22 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists in 31 minutes, Kuzma won 23 points and 8 rebounds for the highest team, while Ingram (15 points) and McGee (14 points) scored points. Double, the Sun was hit by the injury to Booker, and Holmes only reduced the team's highest score of 15 points. Overall weak performance of the result has become the main cause of loss.

However, the Lakers began to celebrate the victory minutes before the end of the match, making the Sun's players unhappy. After the match, when asked if the team did not respect the opponent, James smiled and said: "Hey, is not it? It's really shameful. The team now works very well, whether offensive or defensive. We play better than one, and we are very happy that we have 3 consecutive wins. "

The potter lost the lone ranger

The same day in San Antonio, Spurs beat Portland Trailer Blazers from 131 to 118 at home and got rid of the ratings for two games.

Demar. Derozan hit 36 ​​points this season and led the home team to repress in the second half, especially in the last quarter, the more courageous, 65% of the team's strikes, and the opponent concluded the victory.

For the other teams, the victory over Los Angeles 114-110 in Los Angeles, let this western ball swallow the seventh defeat this season, the ranking also dropped to the second, western boss's place in Denver.

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