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National Commission of Health and Health: 69.6% of heterosexual HIV infections in 2017 – Economic observer on the Internet – Professional Finance News Website

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Report by Economic Observer Network Wang Yangjie Beijing

At present, sex transmission is still one of the major ways to transmit AIDS in China.

On November 23, the journalist of the Economic Observatory for the Internet from the National Committee of Health and Health (WCM) learned about the progress of Chinese prevention and treatment of AIDS, according to China's CDC, UNAIDS, a joint assessment of the World Health Organization By the end of 2018, China estimated that there are about 1.25 million people living with HIV. Since the end of September 2018, the country has reported 85,000 survivors and 262,000 deaths.

It is estimated that 80,000 cases of new infections will occur every year. The infection rate of the whole population is around 9.0 / 10,000. According to international standards, compared to other countries, the Chinese AIDS epidemic is at a low prevalence level, but the distribution of the epidemic is not balanced. Sexual transmission is the main route of transmission. In 2017, the percentage of heterosexual transmissions among infected persons was 69.6%, and in the male homosexual transferable 25.5%.

Wang Bin, deputy director of the CDC of the National Health and Welfare Committee, recalled that a number of infected people and patients are currently not detected, sex transmission has become the main route of transmission, and the infection rate in male homosexual motives continues to rise, prostitution. Many other factors, such as criminal activities, such as criminal activities, synthetic drug abuse and unsafe sex, have increased the risk of HIV transmission. The widespread use of social media has increased the concealment of AIDS behavior, and frequent population movements have increased prevention. The difficulty of intervention, the role of social organizations and other social forces in prevention and treatment is not enough, and it is still necessary to do a good job in the prevention and treatment of AIDS for a long time.

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist and epidemiology researcher in China CDC, said that sexually transmitted transmission is the main route of AIDS transmission in China. It has a wide range of influences, complex and varied influential factors, and the condition of prevention and treatment is still bleak, and the task of prevention and control is difficult.

Globally, sexual transmission is a major way of transmitting the AIDS epidemic, especially heterosexual transmission. The opposite sex is also changing in our country. Only the reported data show that the percentage of heterosexual transmission reached 69.6%.

The Economic Observer Reporter has learned that the country is undertaking a series of measures for heterosexual transmission. For example, to increase publicity, raise citizens' awareness of AIDS prevention and improve preventive abilities. Targeted preventive interventions are carried out in some key populations, and the work on condom promotion in special heterosexual transmission populations is carried out, behavioral interventions and hazardous behavior change.

In order to effectively prevent and control it, it is necessary to actively promote scientific testing. Wu Zunyou said: "This is a very important intervention measure for HIV prevention. Comprehensive interventions include multi-sectoral public security campaigns to combat prostitution and network management."

According to Wu Zunyou, the above-mentioned combined boxing plays a very important role in maintaining the low AIDS epidemic in China. In the next step, the aforementioned combined boxing will further increase its efforts to use scientific technology to improve the accuracy of preventive and control work, so regulatory authorities intravenously targeted key populations and key critical sexual behaviors.

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