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Moreover, the National Football First Battle, Zhang Zhi feared it would be forbidden. Heat did not allow the semi-Asian cup, national football, is Lippi, a competitive state – Beijing Youth Diary

2018-12-25 07:42:17 Source: Beijing Youth Journal

As part of the preparations for the Asian Cup, held earlier this year, the Chinese men's team played their first warm-up game in West Asia in Doha, Qatar and the Iraq team last night afternoon at the 24th local time. The result was 1 to 2 Hostile opponents. Zhong Wei Liu Yuming was also sent 10 minutes before the final match due to fouls and two yellow cards. As Zheng Zhi is basically determined to be suspended in the first round of the Asian Cup match, due to the finals of the 12th round of the Russian World Cup, coach Lippi also hopes to train and warm up to design the absence of Zheng . However, this warming game last night allowed him to see other technical and tactical problems and shortcomings that existed in the team, which provided inspiration for his further deployment of the team.

The bad news! National football first battle, Zhang Zhi, feared it would be forbidden. Heat did not allow him half.

In order to maintain the competitive position of the team, the Chinese Football Association specifically organized two warm-up matches for the national football team in Doha. Opponents are Iraq and Jordan. Yesterday's opponent, the Iraqi team, as the Asian champion in 2007, is recognized as an Asian football team, and the quality of their warming is obviously higher than the warming of the national football team in Hainan and both domestic clubs.

In the two-day crash training before the match, the national football coach Lippi once opened 343 battles. It is worth noting that the midfielder's absolute core of the midfielder, Zheng Jie, is not in the "main line".It is understood that Zheng Jie was red during the final of the 12th round of the Doha World Cup last September. In accordance with the relevant AFC regulations, Zheng Jie continued to be the national team. To be effective, it must be suspended at the first official international competition awarded by AFC.The first round of the Asian Cup clash between the national football team and the Kyrgyz team is likely to be the "first game" mentioned above. Although the final suspension plan still needs the AFC Competition Department to confirm, the Chinese team is ready for such a change.

Yesterday's game, Zheng Zhi, who sat on the bench, the staff trainer so deployed, may be preparing for the first leg of the Asian Cup. The first 11 people are Jan Junling, Liu Yang, Liu Yuming, Shi K, Feng Wei, Zhang Liniei, Wu Hao, Qi Zhongguo, Wu Lei, Yu Dabao and Jin Jingdao. It seems that Lippi did not give up on the trial of the "3 Central Defender" tactics. It is worth noting that the young player Liu Yang replaced the injured Li Xuepeng in the left wing position.

However, the formation of the Chinese team was quickly spent because the opponent quickly entered the country. In the first 22 minutes, Muhnad Abdul Rahim helped Ahmed Yahsin break the Chinese team's goal. Under the "crazy" attack on the opponent, the Chinese team's defense line is very passive, losing the ball stems from a defensive substitution. Rahim can shoot all the attacks on the right hand of the hand.

The Chinese team is not discouraged. In 43 minutes, Jin Jingdao created a penalty through a series of co-operation. Wu Lei used it to help the team equal the score.

Judging by the first half of the match, the Chinese team should make corrections in the middle and back. In particular, the deployment of Zheng Jie in the middle row seems necessary. At the beginning of the second half, Zhang Zhi won Zhao Xu, Zhang Chengdong, Yu Hangchao and Xiao Zhi on stage. They were replaced by Jin Jindao, Wu Hao, Feng Wei, Liu Yang and Yu Dabao. Zheng Zhi "stabilized" the middle of the field after the game. In the 67th minute, Park Sung replaced the teammate Jungguo Guoan Club Chi Jungguo. However, one minute after the substitution, the Iraqi team used the missed side to pass the ball and scored a second goal.

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