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Miley Sheila secretly married "Thunder God" Lian En brothers toast to celebrate – Shangbao Indonesia

December 27, 2018 21:38


Miley Hilla (left) and Lian Hansvort attended the party.

26-year-old American female singer Miley Cyrus and 28-year-old "Thunder Brother" Liam Hemsworth
I fell in love with 9 years, with a low key, a joint life, a simple wedding ceremony at the home of Miley, Tennessee, Liane Ann
2 Brothers Luke Hemsworth and Chris Homsworth
Also, on the stage, the atmosphere is warm and moving.
In addition to the large reports from foreign media, Miley also shared the photos of the day of IG. She wore flat knitted clothes and Lianne Anne
Wearing a black suit, the couple thought sweet, interrupted the wedding cake together and wrote in a post that "this may be our first hundred
10,000 kisses ", 12.23.18 (wedding day)", the background also shows the pink balloon "Mr. & Mrs.".
In addition, friends and relatives share the stage of IG, but they can also see that Lian is still in line with Australian customs, with his brother Chris, Lou
Ke is toast, both families communicate with each other.
Miley fell in love with Liane Ann in The Last Song in 2009. Two people were hired in 2012, the following year in September.
But suddenly it collapsed. At the end of 2015, she witnessed together in Australia, and was quietly added at the beginning of the year. It was adopted in March of the same year.
Good news for engagement.
In August this year, a fire in California set fire to two people in a building in Malibu, California. At that time, Miley worked in South Africa.
In 16 animals and photos, Miley said last month that he said: "I love him more, now I call him" My Survival.
Partner, he saved the animals we raised, including loading two pigs into the box and moving them to the truck. "

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