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Messi was awarded the best player in the Champions League in this round. Rob Rob was sent to Barcelona for the shot

Original title: Messi was awarded to the best soccer player in the Champions League in this round.

On November 30th, Beijing, UEFA officially announced the best player in this round of the Champions League. In the end, Messi beat Robben, Cornet and Mertens with one pass and one shot. The best player in the Champions League. It is worth mentioning that this is also the third time Messi has been selected as the best player in the Champions League this season.

In this round of the Champions League, Barcelona defeated Eindhoven with a 2-1 lead. After taking all three points, Barcelona also concluded the team. It can be said that Barcelona's victory in Messi is a great achievement. Messi first scored a magnificent goal in 1V5, then helped Pique to break the goal and help Barcelona take all three points. It is worth mentioning that Messi also surpassed Ronaldo with the goal of this game and became the player who scored the most goals in a club.

In fact, the entire set of stages, the status of Messi was very good, the first round of the group stage, Barcelona 4-0 victory over Eindhoven, Messi performed hat-trick, second round, Barcelona 4-2 win over Tottenham, Messi twice. Messi, who played as a great game, won the best player in the round in both laps. After returning, Messi also immediately rebuilt the state, using 1 break and a shot to win the best players in the group stage.

It is worth mentioning that Messi's opponents were Robben, Kornet, and Mertens, who all scored twice. Robben helped Bayern 5-1 over Benfica, Kornette helped Lyon 2-2 draw Manchester City and Mertens made Naples 3-1 with a victory over Belgrade Red Star. However, compared to Messi, the performance of the three of them is still slightly inferior. More importantly, Messi scored 6 goals and 1 help in 3 games played in the Champions League. This type of firepower is also so strong that opponents point out.

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