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Manchester United is now the poorest footballer! This bonus is too hard to take – Manchester United, the ball is lost, here, he is in – Netease Sports

2018-12-31 12:45:14 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sport announced on December 31:

At 0:30 in the morning on December 31 in Beijing, in the 20th round of the Premier League, Manchester United beat Bournemouth 4-1 at home and bid farewell in 2018 with a win. However, the goalkeeper of Manchester United De Gea was very upset after losing the ball. He did not lose the ball the last time five weeks ago.

In the second minute of the first half, Bournemouth opened the left tactical corner, Brooks passed to the left side of the strike, Ake led the ball five meters ahead of the goal, breaking the ten fingers of Dehea. Although the result was another 3-1 in Manchester United, Deheja was very depressed about this loss. He turned and hit the ball on the net again.

After the new coach of Manchester United, Solskjaer took over, the team won three consecutive wins, 5-1 won over Cardiff City, 3-1 victory over Huddersfield, 4-1 win over Bournemouth, three matches Manchester United scored 12 goals and lost 3 goals. It can be said that most Manchester United players are satisfied with this. But De Gea lost the ball in all three games. No wonder it will be disappointed after losing the ball.

Once Manchester United has changed coaches, the power of attack has improved significantly, but there will still be opportunities for opponents in the defense. In the recent winning three wins, Manchester United opponents scored 9 times, 10 times and 7 times, respectively. In this game, De Gea has made two successful savings, but in this defeat game, Manchester United's defense has completely penetrated the opponent's leg in defense. When Brooks passed, Bailey and Bailey. Lingard almost hit the ball, but the ball flew from both, giving Ack a chance to catch a header close.

This ball is the eighth time this season of Manchester United, due to the positioning of the ball, which reflects the team's shortcomings in this regard. And De Gea last time did not lose the ball either on November 24, when Manchester United home with 0: 0 got ready with Crystal Palace. The last time Manchester United won and Dehea did not lose the ball, it was more than four months before Manchester United to defeat Burnley 2-0 on the second floor. Dehea will certainly be unhappy with the loss of the ball for so long.

Netizen fraud expressive package upset De Gea
Netizen fraud expressive package upset De Gea

Only the last three opponents have limited strength, and Manchester United can suppress opponents and win by relying on an offense. However, netizens said that "The next Manchester United really needs to grasp the defense, but it's impossible to learn how to learn from Arsenal with a strong team. Otherwise, De Gea disagrees with that!" The coach of Manchester United, Solskjaer, also This question, he clearly said after the match, "we should seek zero opponents." I hope that Manchester United's defense can be done better, so De Gea can also gladly salute the victory without losing the ball.

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