Saturday , April 17 2021

Malone and Liang Jingkun will be the men's semi-finals at the World Cup in China's massive championships – China News

  1. Malone and Liang Jingkun will be the men's semifinal at the World Championships in the World Cup –
  2. 26th schedule: 6 pm Ma Long – Lin Gaoyuan 20 o'clock Xu Wei / Liu Shiyan Chong Guan Sina
  3. Li Xiaoxia commented on the passion of Liang Jingkun to celebrate the announcement of too early to play Malone without thinking.
  4. Looking at the 26th: Ding Ning, Liu Shieng, Feng Feng, Derby, Liang Jingkun, single seedling in Japan
  5. Liang Jingkun 4-3 Day Yu Xiao Xi in the semifinals World Cup tennis tables Japanese male singles team ruined
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