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Macau and continental co-production of the movie "Fantasy Fuxiang" premiere – China News Net – Hanfeng Net


2018-12-09 21:24:46 Source: China News Net

China News Service, Macau, December 9 (Reporter Long Tu) The film "The Lost Fu Xiang", filmed by Macau and the Continental Film, was premiered at the Macau Cultural Center on the evening of the 9th.

The ceremony was attended by the Director of the Macao Government's Social and Cultural Affairs Department, TAN Junrong, the Deputy Director of the Central Government Liaison Office in Macao, Liu Wei, Macau Governance Committee Chairman Wu Jiliang and the Director of the Macao Government's Office for Social and Cultural Affairs. Bureau of Culture, Mu Xinxin.

The film series "Fantasy Fuxiang" was adapted by three writers of Macau Taipei, Lear and Quiet novels. The writer wrote three parts in a full story of a fraud of financial fraud. In this film, Macau's framing is 85% of the total, and the only film language displays the charm of the small city.

The main role of the film is hosted by Hong Kong's famous actor and best actor Lin Jiadung, played by Macao's former Macau police officer, Liang Jinghui, in the film. Through his entry into the financial fraud group, he uses his sensitivity to "taste" to find 3 years. The black hand process behind the previous "mysterious case" ended the salvation by itself.

Heroine is the famous Chinese actor Niu Lian, who plays the role of a female police officer in Macao and a former colleague of Liang Jinghui. It completes the creation of the character with a unique external and soft performance.

Liao Zikin, the producer of the film, said the film collected talents from Guangdong, Hong Kong and the Dauan District in Macao to create a script that laid the groundwork for film success. Her way of working deserves to be learned from Macau films. (End)

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