Monday , August 2 2021

Ma Xiaoguang, Taiwan's Public Relations Office: Cai Ying-Wen publishes two-stage theory – Lian Zaobao

  1. Ma Xiaoguang, Secretary of State for Affairs Taiwan: Tsai Ing-Wen announced the theory of two states
  2. For the first time, Taiwan's Office of State Affairs Council approved the surveillance of the opposition upgrade to Tsai Ing-ven.
  3. The Director of the Taiwanese Office of State Affairs at the State Council talks about Xi Jinping's speech: clearly responding to the peaceful unity and background of the personal interests of the financial network
  4. The approval of Cai Ying-Wen's mainland is the creator of conflicts, the Taiwan Council of Questions, back to China.
  5. Xi Jinping throws 5 items on the principle of Taiwan, and the High Representative refers to a clear red line.
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