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Liu Guoliang, "New officials take three fires" to make athletes become professional centers Professionals – News News News

Title: Liu Guoliang was elected president of the new ping-tennis association Xinhua News Agency

From Liu's leadership to President Liu, Liu Guoliang, who turned beautiful, made more efforts in the reform and received more people's hearts. In the black robe and the look of the torch, standing on the position of president of the new tennis association, Liu Guolian firmly said: "The new tennis association should make athletes to become the center."

After Liu Guoliang returned to Guoping in September this year, the call for the president of the new tennis association was very loud. He himself is obviously ready, and future work ideas and guidelines for reform are already clear.

Termination of the communication mode

In the history of the national ping pong team, players and coaches have no opportunity to choose one. The team will share some athletes under one coach of the instructor according to the characteristics of the coaches and the style and character of the athletes.

The two-way selection between athletes and coaches is a new idea put up by Liu Guoliang after his departure. Liu Guolian explained: "This is a more humane approach. Coaches and athletes have their own styles and characteristics." Athletes know their needs and know which coaches need to break through their bottlenecks at a certain stage. "More harmonious than the previous task of coaches."

External links: Chinese team coach Liu Guoliang (second from left) at the 2012 London Olympics and team members, Zhang Jike (first from left), Wang Wei (second from right) and Ma Long on the podium.

Years ago, Liu Guolian is considering forming a committee for athletes. Now, with the appointment, the time is mature. He said the establishment of the Athletics Committee could make the phrase "let the athletes become centers". "The outside world is in line with the international community, and the right to speak has the right to speak." The Athletics Committee has a very strong voice. In league, national team and future commercial development, we will serve them with reasonable demands. "

Reform Training System

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be a new mixed race, which makes Liu Guoliang think if it is necessary to end the practice of special training for teams for men and women and activate a new training system. "Mixed doubles is the first gold and only two players participate, our closed training can not be separated. The male and female teams should be together, otherwise the mixed doubles can not practice, but can the training base accept so many people? Who is responsible for the mixed couples? How will you interact with each other? It will be new problems and new challenges we face. "

This year's Asian championship and the Swedish Open, the Japanese ping pong grew strongly, and the Chinese ping pong team has always faced unprecedented challenges. With painstaking thought, Liu Guoliang made a bold reform. First, men's and women's team coaches were exchanged, and then lifted the ban on foreign ping pong assistance. We hope for the Tokyo Olympics, Liu Guoliang stressed that he should not make empirical mistakes. "It's very close to the Olympics, but Guinea's strategic thinking is still a bit less. Now we need to sit down and study and get out."

Create a ping-pong big IP address

The biggest star, the highest economic level, and the largest mass base are all in China, and table tennis should have a better development. However, Guooping sparked fire at the Rio Olympic Games, but failed to promote the development of the China Super League. Liu Guolian was deeply touched after considering the newly created T-league in Japan. How to build a Chinese ping pong big IP has become the goal of the new tennis association.

Liu Guoliang stressed: "In the past, the association was not materialized, both teams had a group of people, and now they have materialized, and professional people professionally deal with professional work, I hope the tennis association will be stronger."

Title: Liu Guoliang watched the training of players in Beijing in September news agency Xinhua

Liu Guoliang honestly said that he was thinking about how to make a ping pong event better after he left Guoping for over a year. "I feel that after coming out, I can see more clearly. Besides taking the championship and doing a good market, I can rely on the impact of ping-tennis." He hopes in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics over the past few years. Lieutenant General promoted the development of table tennis. "We need professional teams and professionals."

Chinese table tennis, world share. This is the voice of Liu Guolian. He hopes the new tennis association will become a gloomy revolter of China's sports reform and will create the unprecedented ping-tennis professionalization and industrialization pathway. (Journalist Xinmin Evening News Tao Xingying)

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