Tuesday , May 11 2021

Li Nan: Satisfied with the first show of the new men's basketball team in this field deliberately fixed a quick pause – Sina.com

  1. Lee Nan: Satisfied with the debut of the new men's basketball team deliberately quenching a quick break Sina.com
  2. China's male basketball preliminary lists of 12 people reported: Yi Jianlian Guo Ailun lead _ Dong Qilin Sohu
  3. Alian 15 points Guo Ailun 14 points 6 to help the Chinese men's basketball team 101-52 Syria Blue
  4. Test match – Allian 10 points Guo Shao 10 + 5 men's basketball team wins all-China class Shanghai look Sohu
  5. Players under the age of 23 are half of the country, Li Nan insisted on the younger construction team.
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