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League 1 · 14 consecutive wins ended + Neymar injury withdrawal. Big Paris loses his wife and loses his hands – Sport Sin chewing daily

"Paris Saint-Jean" first encountered this season, and the first card in the team, Neymar, was injured and left. It was "the loss of his wife and the loss of soldiers".

The game of Paris Saint-Jean was beaten by Bordeaux, and Neymar was injured after leaving the match. The situation is worrying. (Photo: AFP)

(France, Bordeaux, 3rd) Paris Saint-Jean Paris Saint-Jean for the first time this season suffered a draw The first card in the team, Neymar, was injured and left, really "loses the woman and loses the soldiers".

In the 15th round of League One yesterday, the 2-2 series with St. Yemen with Bordeaux, the start of 14 consecutive wins, came to a sudden end, missed five major leagues, but still led with 14 points and 43 points.

Neymar, who returned from FireWire this week, resumed his fiery state. This is the first record for Grand Paris, but he was injured in the second half of the match and the situation was worrying.

After the match, St Jimen's coach, Tukhur, spoke of Neymar's injury. He said: "We do not know about the particular situation of Neymar. (Before the match) He said there was no problem in the debut, but today (last week) Something difficult (which causes it to be hurt), I hope he can return to the next game. "

Neymar also hit the ball before leaving the game.

In this campaign, Grand Paris took the lead in the 34th minute, Alves made a breakthrough and handed the ball, and Neymar scored a goal and was rated by the Video Support Judge (VAR) 1-0.

In the 53rd minute of the second half, the home team rely on veteran Brian to make the score equal to the score. In 66th minute, Drakkler went right, and Mbabé managed to beat him and managed to shoot. Helped them to St. James reappears the result. However, Bordeaux, who was not supposed to be killed, scored a goal by passing the ball from Karinas in the 84th minute.

In other games of the day, the main game of Marseille 0-0 and Lance, missed the opportunity to climb, continue to stay in the fifth with 26 points, 2 points from Lyon in the top three.

Strasbourg defeated Renis 4-1 in the away game, finishing 4 games, winning 21 points and winning 8th place. Toulouse, who had 10 in the beginning, fought 2-2.

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