Monday , August 2 2021

Large crypto-exchange exchanges have been stolen by hackers for 40 million dollars in bitcoin

Binans, one of the world's largest crypto-exchange trades, has admitted losing 7,000 bitcoins under a "massive security breach" with an equivalent value of $ 40 million. The company explained that hackers received user data through phishing and virus attacks and bypassed security check procedures and transferred them to one of the hot wallets. Fortunately, the "full" loss of the client is covered by the Emergency Insurance Fund.

Zhao Changpeng, Binance CEO, wrote in a statement that the hacker is extremely patient and well-planned, taking advantage of the ability to act through more seemingly independent accounts. At the same time, he promised a thorough overview of the security of the system and the data.

It is said that although Binance failed to terminate the transaction by storing them at 2% bitcoin, the alarm can only be triggered after the transaction. They have currently closed all deposits and withdrawals. Although investors can continue to trade, the duration will be extended to a week. At the same time, they also warned that hackers can still be in control of some accounts, and can affect the price.

It's not new to suffer and suffer from bitkoin exchange losses. Both Coincheck and BitfinX lost $ 400 million and $ 64 million in bitcoin, respectively, due to hacking attacks. In addition, when Gerald Cotten, founder and CEO of QuadrigaCX, died, he was frozen because he did not abandon Bitcoin's approach to the company. 850 Gok's battles in the mountain were missing, but today they did not renew all.

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