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Kai Guoqing: I'm boycotting "Let's go home and see" – Beijing Youth Diary – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-22 01:41:22 Source: Beijing Youth Journal

"How do you even eat chopsticks and wash dishes?"
Kai Guoqing: I'm boycotting "Let's go home and see"

This newspaper (Reporter Zu Wei), an interactive variety of CCTV, shows that "I want to go to the Spring Festival Evening" is currently broadcast on channel sorts. In the program, Kai Guoqing was invited to serve as a judge. He experienced the 20th Anniversary Experience at the Spring Festival and said he would return the evening of the Spring Festival. In the interview, he said: "For me it's not so important in the future, and not in the spring festival evening. I'm more willing to have a sincere and happy interaction with the young performers of this scene." They can glow on the stage of the next Spring festival evening ".

Recalling the most memorable spring festival evening experience, Kai Gwing said that in the spring of 1999 he sang "Let's go home and see". When the director asked me to sing the song "Let's go home often," I did not accept it. I said how can the song sing, even if it is used for brushing dishwashers and washing dishes? Also, tell the director whether I can change individual tracks and change individual programs. Later, I managed to tell you that I am singing. This is "Let's go home and see". This became the classic spring song of the spring festival that can not be replaced by the Chinese New Year's Eve and will never be forgotten. "Kai Gukin openly said that this is this experience. He had a deeper understanding of the evening of the Spring Festival." Spring Festival Evening is a scene that will always express the voice of people. "

This year, in "I Want to Go to the Spring Festival Evening" as a judge, Kai Guing is particularly alive in the program, will imitate Mao Amin or Lee Guy, can capture all the burdens that the housewife throws and the image of dignified singing on stage from the past Vespers festival festival. Kai Guotsing said: "I've got a lot on the stage of" I Want to Go to the Spring Festival Evening. "Sometimes the show needs a lot of interaction. People who take Fan, I think the audience wants to see this kind of easy work."

When commenting on the players, he was the most rigorous of the judges. In this regard, he acknowledges that "Spring Festival evening has a very high standard, although today's professional actors and some ordinary folk programs have the opportunity to influence the Spring Festival" Vecer ", but I think that Spring Festival evening can not become a hoax, it still represents Chinese song and dance art at this moment, Best quality cross-stitch and acrobatic art Many programs only have true feelings, enthusiasm and stories, it's not enough for me, but I still have to judge them with artistic standards and standards rasnost. "

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