Saturday , May 8 2021

João Xingu's new film, "The King of the New Comedy", announced the release of the New Year's Day – film – cnBeta.COM

The new film directed by Stephen Chow officially announced the title "King of the New Comedy" and released a hand-painted guide. The mysterious backbone holds the head "seven weapons" and displays the position "single". Pigeons and leaves. The film will be released at the national level of the New Year. The official blog of the film also announced the work of three directors Stephen Chow on the shooting scene. In the photo, Xingye seriously communicates with the crew and actors.

"The King of Comedy" is one of Zhou Xingchi's masterpieces, Zhou Xingchi plays the role of Yin Tianqiu, an additional actor who is full of the bitterness of the world, but still obsessed with performances. Therefore, many fans have high hopes for "The King of the New Comedy", but the film is still very mysterious and no list of actors has been released. More news must wait for the official to publish it later.

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