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It's hard to cover the water! Renewed terms for De Gea's contract, weekly wage, Qiman United parallel import _ contract

Original title: Breathtaking water! Conditions for the renewal of De Gea, Zhou Wei, Qiman United parallel import

From the start of the new season, the news for Manchester United hopes to renew the contract with De Gea continued, but the restoration on both sides is captured. According to British Daily Mail, De Gea is still open to Manchester United, but as long as the Red Devils provide a £ 350,000 weekly salary, De Gea will renew the deal.

In the summer of 2015, De Gea left the team and eventually Manchester United also signed a transfer deal with Real Madrid, but the deal ultimately exceeded the time. The transfer date, so De Gea can only stay in Manchester United. Shortly afterwards, De Gea signed a four-year deal with Manchester United, which expired in the summer of 2019.

In the last three seasons, De Gea still has good performance, although at the World Cup this summer and in the European League, the De Gea state is average, but in Manchester United, he has repeatedly saved the team with incredible savings. . In the competition with the Champions League against the young, if Dehia saved the opponent's score, Manchester United could not win, and after the match, Mourinho also praised Deega.

In the eyes of Mu Shuai, De Gea is very important, and the top of Manchester United knows the importance of De Gea. That's why he negotiates with Dehea, whose agreement expires in 2019, but the negotiations have not progressed. Although there is a clause in Deha's deal that can automatically renew the contract by 2020, Manchester United's goal is to keep De Gea for a long time.

The latest news from British media, Daily Mail, said Manchester United had previously issued a £ 275,000 salary for De Gea, but this offer was rejected by De Gea, who hopes to receive the same salary as Sanchez. – Weekly salary of 350,000 pounds. De Gea believes his performance is better than Sanchez, and the salary of Luke Saw has increased significantly after the deal was renewed. Manchester United's club also agreed with Fellini's request for negotiations this summer. Therefore, the broker hopes to see the same treatment in Dehya. In addition to salary, De Gea's rebuilding has a premise, he hopes Manchester United will display his big plans, De Gea is eager to play in a team that won the championship.

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