Wednesday , August 4 2021

It's been playing so many years to know that browsers have these magical applications – blog articles and SQL

After playing the browser for so many years, most people simply go online and install extensions. In fact, every browser hides some secrets, and the functions that are implemented are also very interesting. For example, the following can definitely make you unexpected!

1. Simulate your mobile phone

Sometimes we use a computer to simulate a mobile website, but this often requires the involvement of a simulator, which is too difficult and complicated. In fact, the browser's own functions can also achieve this goal, and the operation is much simpler.

First open the web site you want to simulate, then right-click and select "Review Element" (individual browsers can have different names), then click on the "Mobile" button on the left side of the code, click on the top " Open "to select the phone you want to simulate. Model number.

During this time, the entire web site will be automatically re-formatted according to the model of the mobile phone of your choice, so that the mobile terminal's display effect can be directly simulated.

Note: The site will be displayed with the appropriate scale by default. If the text is too small to be seen, you can also click on "100%" or "125%" to zoom in on the screen.

After playing for so many years, I know that browsers have these incredible applications.

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