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Innocent superstar! 34-year-old Ronaldo can still pass Serie A, and the next goal will be tested next year – is one, Serie A, half and will, Real Madrid – Sport Tribe

2018-12-31 08:18:34 Source: Sport of the Horde

Original title: Innocent Superstar! 34-year-old Ronaldo can still pass Serie A, and one goal will be tested next year.

With Juventus defeating Sampdoria home, the Bianconeri will enter in a temporary period, and for his number Ronaldo, his career in 2018 will pass. While helping Juventus to create a record of 19 matches, 17 wins, 2 draw points and half-points in the halftime, C Ronaldo has no chance to score 50 wins for eight consecutive years.

Despite this, the 50+ is a record for seven consecutive years, and it is difficult to break this record in the future. It is not easy to know that Ronaldo can hold such a good goal when he is over 30 years old. For more than a month, Ronaldo will celebrate his 34th birthday, but at the age of 33, the Portuguese star proved to be worthy of the superstars.

When helping Real Madrid win three consecutive Champions League Championships, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to win the golden boots in the Champions League, consolidating the position of the first striker in the history of the Champions League. And the transfer from Real Madrid to Serie A Juventus class also allowed R. Ronaldo to face a new test, after all, is a new league, not to mention that the defense of Serie A is very strong, but the Portuguese star with a stable performance one by one.

At the half-time of Serie A, Juve scored 14 goals in 19 games and reached the top of the list of archers at the end of the half. It is worth mentioning that Juve scored 38 goals in 19 games, which means Ronaldo scored more than a third of the goals of the team. From the performance of the half-season, C Ronaldo still has the ability to "cross" the Serie A, becoming a defensive nightmare for the defenders.

With the remarkable performance of C Ronaldo, Juve almost made the title in Serie A more and more uncertain in just half a season. But after joining 2019, the goal of Juve and Cristiano Ronaldo will not only focus on Serie A, but the team has a bigger goal to hit the champions of the Champions League, which is Juventus's main goal to buy Cristiano Ronaldo at a high price. For R. Ronaldo, who represents the new team in the Champions League championship, will also be a test, if that can be achieved, Ronaldo is the first man after the restructuring of the Champions League!Return to Sohu and see more

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