Friday , April 16 2021

Huawei Hongmeng system interface exposure: accessibility – Huawei Huawei – cnBeta.COM

At the end of May, Yu Chengdong revealed that the Huawei Hongmeng system was released as soon as this autumn. In addition, the system has passed the review of the trademark of the National Trade Marks Office and the European Intellectual Property Office, but there seems to be no new news. Until June 6, the screen of the Huawei Hongmeng system interface was exposed on the Internet.

Huawei Hongmeng system (pictured by Huawei Central)

According to the exposure display system, the design of the UI, system logic and the installation interface of the Huawei Hongmeng system are not significantly different from those of the EMUI of Huawei mobile phones. Huawei can do this to make it easier for users to get used to the new system and reduce learning costs as soon as possible. However, no matter how similar the look, the Huawei Hongmeng system and Android-based EMUI are two totally different systems, so there must be fundamentality at the bottom of the system. Change.

Android Green Alliance (pictured by Huawei Central)

In addition, the "Android Green Alliance", which is jointly founded by Huawei and Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and Netease, is also mentioned on the screen. It aims to create a safe and reliable ecosystem for the application. Enterprises join. If the screen is correct, the Hongman system will basically not have any problem in everyday use and domestic environmental application.

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