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He Junjun is a partner of a listed company. Send a special gift for gambling Wang Qingsheng _ Daddy

Original title: He Junjun, a listed listed company, a special gift for gambling Wang Qingsheng

The gambling king celebrates his birthday, and his son He Junjun sends a special gift.

He Junjun and his father

Sohu Entertainment News November 25th is the gambling king's 97th birthday, He Hongjun, and the day when his son He Yujun officially held the listing conference. On November 25th, He Junjun went to the gambling Wang Qingsheng through a personal social platform, and opened a picture of the launch conference. He said that this year he finally gave his father the special and most important gift – the first offer in life. Book.

He Yujun showed his father the prospectus

23-year-old He Junjun, now a partner of the company listed on the list, said: "Today is a remarkable day. I never thought that the father's birthday and big day at the company's launch conference will magically take place the same day. my dream is to grow from a young age to a great one. I felt that it was out of reach, but after many days of hard work, I can finally tell you that we have successfully completed the press conference today! "

He Yujun also said that this year he can finally give his father the most important gift: "Today is my dad's birthday, I am always motivated to be proud, because you have nothing, you are ready to give away gifts each year. This year, I can finally give you a special, most important gift – the first prospect in my life! I want to say: Dad, happy 97th birthday! I will always work hard and I will work Son worthy of your pride! "Return to Sohu and see more

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