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Han Han is a substitute for the "Flying Chi", and he shoots a car show –

Yangcheng Evening News journalist Wang Li

Rock shooting, rock racing, a personal demonstration of pole dancing … Han Han for his third film "Flying Life" can be described as a solution. The film was held in Beijing the night before, and the production behind the scenes was released on the spot. Looking back on the difficult filming process, Han Han could not help but sigh: "Angle is a rock, and you have to prepare a rescue helicopter to be in a state of rest." At the premiere, Singer Singer Axin appeared in surprise, and Han Han formed "Han Xin". The combination "is singing" Half Life. "The film will be officially released on February 5th.


Rescue helicopters are at rest on the edge of the rock

"Flying Life" says that Shen Teng, a food-handling driver, decided to return to the car and challenge the young talented driver, Lin Huidong (Huang Jingyu). Re-examination, waiting for him is a return that constantly beat his face …

The brakes stage is a great attraction to "Flying Life". Han Han hopes to have scenes like the World Rally Championship in the film. For this reason, the crew ran through the national landscape several months in advance, and finally found the "Devil's Song" in Xinjiang to realize the rock. In filming the racing car, Han Han is extremely rigorous: "The audience must not be allowed to choose professional problems." He is also confident in the final presentation: "This is the best, most comprehensive and professional film of the current rally in China."

The image is stimulating and the danger is very high. "It's dangerous to shoot those heavy car shots. Everyone does not have a bottom, because after getting out of the car you can not guarantee what will be." Han Han remembers the scene while filming the car. "The conditions are very good when shooting in Xinjiang". Hard, it takes 4 hours to film the movie every day, and it takes 4 hours to get back. We also made a lot of security measures for protection, and we also rented a helicopter for rescue. "It is worth mentioning that the car has Han Han also serves as a replacement, and many dangerous car games in the movie were his.


Working with Shen Teng, knowing each other's humor

For the cast of the film, many fans say that the role of "Zhang Shi" is simply tailored for Shen Teng. Han Han is also full of praise for Shen Teng: "Apart from his innate comedy talent, he can also express a very deep emotional character. As long as he appears in the camera, he can fully adapt to that state." Although it is the first Second Co-operation, Han Han said he and Hitting rushed: "When we filmed, we not only erased the sparks, but also began to" fire. "They understood the humor of others."

Shen Teng could not help but Han Hahn's vomiting "had a good time": "The director really loves acting, the director's style is that he wants to show himself, and his performance is particularly strong, but his performance is a bit poor. Shen Teng said he was "conquered" by Han Han: "He (Han Han) has a particularly good temperament. I will solve the problem in my own way. I've never seen a director who is never as angry as him, the words "happy production", everyone says, but it is difficult to achieve, the director of Han Han really. A hand, a writer or a director, he is competent in every identity, a man of great wisdom. "

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