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Guangzhou International Innovation Festival Opening the Innovative Power of Guangzhou? – Economic observer – professional finance website

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Economic observer online journalist Lee Hualing On December 3-5, Guangzhou Tianhe District Government, Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office, and the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee" jointly organized in 2018 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival in Guangzhou Library. The Innovation Festival is a major innovation event in Guangzhou, and this year is third.

According to the organizer, this year's International Innovation Festival in Guangzhou will invite more than 50 scientific and technological giants in four major regions of the world (Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Bay of San Francisco, New York Bay and the Tokyo area) and more than 30 More than 1,000 people, including experts and scientists, corporate executives, investors and new companies in the high-tech industries in the country.

What is the power to innovate Guangzhou under the background of vigorously creating an atmosphere of innovation and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship at the government level?

Since 2017, GDP has shifted from Shenzhen (the Guangzhou GDP in 2017 is 2105.315 billion yuan, and the GDP of Shenzhen is 2243.839 billion yuan). As the capital of the first major economic province, Guangzhou, which is known as the "Millennium Business Capital", has a deep deposit, despite It is almost impossible for the rookie to put it between the day and the night, but in terms of high-tech industries, compared with Shenzhen and Guangzhou, it's a little embarrassing.

On November 29th, the official website of the Science and Technology Commission in Shenzhen announced the latest development of the high-tech industry in Shenzhen. The data show that since October, high-tech Shenzhen industry output value this year reached 189 million yuan, an increase of 11.47%. Guangzhou Science and Technology Commission has not announced the high-tech industry in Guangzhou in the past two years. The latest statistics update on the official website was April 23, 2018, but the updated content is 2016 Guangzhou Science and Technology Statistics Summary.

Regarding the data on the output value, Guangzhou prefers to use the number of high-tech enterprises, the number of scientific research institutions, the number of scientific researchers and the number of patents to reflect the development of the high-tech industry in Guangzhou. This is a summary of scientific and technological statistics published by the Science and Technology Commission of Guangzhou. The statistical bulletin on national economic and social development issued by the Municipal Bureau of Statistics of Guangzhou and the public address of Guangzhou government officials are reflected in the public speech.

In 2017, the Guangzhou National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin showed that Guangzhou received 118,332 patent applications, an increase of 19.4%, and at the end of the year there are 154 state institutions for research and development, scientific and technological information, and literary institutions at the county level and above; There are 50 academics, including 19 academicians at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 22 academicians at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 9 foreign and foreign institutions. There are 18 national engineering technology research centers, 25 national enterprise technology centers and national key laboratories. 19, research centers for engineering at provincial level, a total of 946, municipal research and development institutions at the local level, 2,624, key laboratories at the level of the province 213, key laboratories at the municipal level 156, university science and technology parks at the national level level and provincial level.

From other data, it may be possible to look at the high-tech industry in Guangzhou. According to data released by the State Statistical Office in Guangzhou from January to July, the total industrial value of the aforementioned industries in Guangzhou was 1,022.278 billion yuan, while the output value of high-tech products was 47.5% of the total industrial value of exit above the indicated size, in other words. The output value of high-tech products in Guangzhou in the first seven months of this year was 485.582 billion yuan. In 2011, the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced the "Guangzhou Comprehensive National High-tech Industrial Development Plan Development." The plan proposes by 2020, the output value of high-tech products in Guangzhou will reach 2 trillion yuan. However, according to data from the Commission for Science and Technology in Shenzhen, the high-tech output value of Shenzhen in 2017 exceeded 2 trillion yuan.

There are many high-tech industries in Guangzhou. In 2017, the total number of high-tech enterprises in Guangzhou surpassed 8,700, and this figure was 1,900 in 2015, and the number dramatically increased in two years. Judging by the number of colleges and universities and the number of college and university students, Guangzhou is far ahead of Shenzhen, but Shenzhen, who does not have a prestigious university, has gathered many young talents. The slogan "Let's Shenzhen" is famous. To develop high-tech industries, Guangzhou may need to spend more time thinking about how to improve quality while improving.

This year, PwC made the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen for the first time in the city of opportunity. PwC "City of Opportunity" project leader and consulting partner Jin Jun pointed out at the 2018 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival that Shenzhen's strength lies in transportation and urbanism, intellectual capital and innovation, the business environment and the advantages of Guangzhou. It lies in regional influence, sustainable development and the natural environment, culture and inhabitant of life. The "innovation" factor does not look like a Guangzhou city label.

Guangzhou municipal government works hard to catch up. On September 21, the Guangzhou Municipal Office issued the "Three Year Action Plan for the Construction of the International Center for Innovation in Science and Technology of Guangzhou (2018-2020)". The action plan proposes Guangzhou to build a science and technology city, a city of innovation and a city of opportunity. By the end of 2020, there are more than 12,000 high-tech enterprises and more than 200,000 enterprises for technological innovation. The percentage of research and development institutions in industrial enterprises over a certain size is 50%, and the added value of the strategic new industries is 400 billion yuan. It is worth pointing out that in expressing the main tasks of the action plan, the responsible unit is indicated at each point of the task.

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