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Guangsha twice outside "not thought and unhappy" media Zhe: these two are time bombs – Qianjiang Evening News – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-17 09:40:49 Source: Qianjiang Evening News

Last night, the 12th regular season of the CBA was continued in the 2018-1919 season. The last round of the game was forced to postpone the men's Guangsha basketball team, this time the away team challenged the men's basketball team in Tianjin, and Guangsha scored 16 points with the wave of the third quarter. The advantage, the final victory of 126: 106 over Tianjin, won two consecutive victories and gave Tianjin a 5-match defeat. Also the men's basketball team Chouzhou won. However, while the Guangsha team won the match, there was also a hidden danger.

Guangsha has no reason and happiness ... Zhe Media: These two are time bombs.

The Guangsha men's basketball team did not encounter any difficulties in this game. In the first round of the competition Guangsha rested for almost a week, and the physical condition of all people returned to normal, but the state of entry was relatively slow – until the third quarter they took the initiative in the field.

Although it is not a surprise to win the game, Guangsha has encountered a very embarrassing problem. Team's best scorer and help Wang Fordson also got a technical foul in this game, because the league rules, accumulated four technical fouls, it is necessary to automatically suspend the game once, which meansIf Fordson is hit again for a technical foul in the next match, he will be suspended..

Fordson's technical foul was not worth it, and after the referee's whistles he demanded a technical foul. In the previous game Fordson was suspended for the first time because of a thumbs down in the referee game. This was not only a problem for Fordson, but also a huge impact on the Guangsha men's basketball team due to technical fouls and even suspensions caused by a lack of competition.

What's worse, not only Fordson is susceptible to fever in the Guangsha line, and foreign aid Bolosi is also a person who likes to complain about the "breaking thoughts" judge. Because in the second round of the home game against the Shenzhen men's basketball team, he received a technical foul and a foul violation, he was sent on the spot, a suspension was also added.

As a result, the men's basketball team in Guangsha has been forced to play two games this season because of problems with foreign foreigners who must play in a single foreign aid line, and in connection with the match against Tianjin last night, it is likely that soon Facing the third dilemma .

Although two separate foreign aid games, the Guangsha men's basketball team finally won the victory, but the lack of foreign assistance to sit on the pitch, the impact on the team is still very large, adding many difficulties to the game.

This season, the Guangsha men's basketball team has not changed foreign assistance and still used the Bolosi and Fordson combination because they and other team players have already worked together, especially since Fordson has not only good scoring skills, but also his breakthrough and assistance. Other national players who have revitalized the entire team are really too big.

The league has so far passed 12 rounds, and the men's basketball team Guangsha lost only one match, taking second place after the men's basketball team Guangdong, which won the victory. You can see that the strength of the Guangsha men's basketball team is strong. If there is a shortage in the men's basketball team in Guangsha this year, it should be the temper of two foreign helpers, some fans have already given two foreign aids as a crown.Without mind and no luck

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