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For the first time, the Forbidden City increases the scene of the King's Dynasty. Ordinary people can spend the New Year in the palace.

This is the largest exhibition of cultural relics and the largest exhibition area since the founding of the Museum of the Palace. There are 100 cultural relics on the general exhibition, and this time 885 exhibits (sets), and the place of the exhibition is an open surface of the Forbidden City. All this is for the upcoming "New Year's Eve – The Forbidden City" Over the years "exhibition.

Let's say it, the Museum of the Palace will first renew the place of the King Dynasty. We will be the first ordinary people who can live in the New Year's palace.

"Whether it is ancient or today, regardless of the court or people, the resignation of the old and the new is the eternal theme of the Chinese New Year, and the ancient emperor is a symbol of the country." The royal palace has a double meaning on earth and country, "said the director of the Palace Museum, Shan Yuxiang. At this exhibition, the audience can see the famous scenes and objects in normal life, and there will be new discoveries.

On Dan at King's Palace, a high beacon was built.from

This is the first time the Forbidden City to renew the "sky-lantern" and "wanshou lamp", which disappeared nearly 200 years ago.This is one of the greatest events in the early, middle and early years of the King's Dynasty.from

From the standpoint of withdrawal, more than 8,000 people were used before and afterwards. Since the renunciation of the emperor in the 20 th year of Daouguang (1840), this scene of prosperity has not been in history, and related cultural relics have long been scattered and gradually become unknown.

Fortunately, researchers in the Forbidden City have not only discovered the use of windows, Wanshou lights, historical evolution, and even the detailed dimensions of each part, but also found the model of the body of the lamp, the sample connected to the lamp and the original a lighthouse in each warehouse. And successfully returned, the re-appearance of the Chinese New Year in Kanggan.

On December 21, 2018, the gods door was hung on the doors and windows of King Palas.

Take a walk to the Garden of the Singing Palace and Sinning Gate, you'll find that the Forbidden City is setting up a stand! From January 28 (Lunar New Year) to February 12 (the eighth day of the lunar calendar), there are 10 provinces (cities) of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Anhui, Jilin and Shaanxi. 145 Chinese old-fashioned companies will display special food, silk garments, daily necessities, stationery, jade jewelry, cultural and creative products and non-inherited crafts.

It's not easy to see if you want to buy and buy, the Palace is also ready for you. Currently, there are nearly 100 kinds of cultural and creative products related to "Throughout the Year", which are divided into Fulu Shou series, Menshen series, Sui series dynasty, baby game series, ice game series, Yumei Yingchun series, Xifu Continuous series. And Jin Yong Yong Gu series, etc., the category included New Year gift box, paper bookmarks, hat scarves, tea accessories, pillow ornaments, fragrance wax, cell phone accessories.

This is a forbidden city full of years of taste, and naturally exhibits artifacts full of flavors. This exhibition of cultural relics is divided into six themes: "Blessing and awaiting the ancestors, worshiping the branch daughter, relatives and ancestors, valuable and prosperous sages, parties, joys and joys."

During the Spring Festival, every household is blessed with words, and the royal family is no exception. In King Palas, on the first day of the twelfth lunar month, the emperor wrote the first blessed word on the dreaded plaque with the "Blessing of the Crow" pen, and released it to the dry palace, and then wrote more than ten stickers in other palaces. This exhibition shows the blessings of the five emperors of the Emperor Kangxi, Yongeng, Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty. The audience can compare "royal calligraphy". These blessings are arranged in the form of "磬" during the exhibition, which means "Fuqing". Spring Festival of the Qing Dynasty was mainly written by Hanlin, but this time at Yangxin Temple, we can see Qianlong's pen.

The "Dan and relatives" unit shows the stage of the New Year's holiday with the clan and ancestors. At the exhibition, the exhibition presents the Golden Dragon banquet table and the patriarchal mass of the banquet. The banquet table is based on records of Qianlong forty-eight years (1783), and more than 100 pieces of cultural relics are spectacular.

Who said that the "New Year's Concert" had only a western symphony, and the Forbidden City also exhibited the highest level of the Royal Orchestra – Zhonghe. During the Chinese New Year, Minister Wang Gong greeted the Emperor at the Taichi Temple and welcomes the King's family to the Emperor. This exhibition chose the most significant 6 types of restoration exhibitions, including melodies, compilation, drums, cymbals, cymbals, cymbals, and so on. The impulse is wonderful.

Shan Yuxiang said that in the past, when it comes to the Spring Festival, watching the Spring Festival Festival and visiting the fair fair is probably the most popular Chinese New Year entertainment.In recent years, "Made in the Museum" has gradually become a normal state by a strong slogan. Many people will have a place in the museum during the spring festival holiday and will feel the different tastes in a strong cultural atmosphere. The museum also carefully "reserves", attracting the audience in the museum gates with various cultural activities in various forms and forms.


The exhibition lasts for 3 months and is open on January 6th, which is the first day of the lunar calendar in the lunar New Year, and is also the beginning of a series of traditional New Year celebrations, and on April 7th, the lunar calendar is the third day of March. Chen Teng is "Captain Day".

"Hundreds of millions of people have increased their lives, and the years of Typing are too calm." By borrowing the Qianlong verse, I would like to respect you in my early years! "Said Shang Yuxiang with a smile," the gatekeeper "of the Forbidden City, in the palace. Waiting for everyone to come to the New Year.

Original title: Forbidden City for the first time maximizes the scene of the King's Dynasty. Ordinary people can spend the New Year in the palace.

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