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Fixing on December 14 – Tianshui Evening News – Hanfeng Network

2018-12-01 00:03:14 Source: Tianshui Evening News

"Network Mystery"
Wicker freshness of tomatoes 93%, Douban score 8.5, this Hollywood high profile uncertain film "Network mystery", not released in the country, is a cracked network. With the announcement of the announcement and the poster on November 28th, this annual remake of the rally was officially scheduled for December 14th.
After the premiere of the Sundance Film Festival, the film won two awards, the "Next Generation Award" and the film "Alfred Sloan", which became the focus of the film festival. The authoritative film critical website "playlist" rated it "can be compared to Hitchcock's film," and the Rolling Stone magazine praises his "divine skills". Then, the "Network Mystery" will be fired from abroad to the ground. The freshness of rotten tomatoes is still 93%, and the result of Dubai is 8.5. He is rated as the best uncertain film of the year.
The movie uses a unique form of lens – a "computer desktop" to extend the whole story, and the whole 102 minutes from start to finish is displayed on the screen through the camera of an electronic product. As a protagonist running social software, video calls, browsers, search engines, translation software, etc., the audience also monitors the internet space.

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