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Five questions about the unexpected solution of Apple and Qualcomm – Qualcomm Qualcomm – cnBeta.COM

The two-year complaint against Apple VS Qualcomm suddenly turned. On the second day of the trial, both parties announced a settlement agreement and would "revoke all lawsuits of both companies globally".

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As part of a settlement agreement, Apple has agreed to pay Qualcomm an undiscounted amount. In addition, the two companies have reached a six-year global patent licensing agreement, which can be extended for another two years. After both sides settled and achieved collaboration, Intel announced it would step down from the 5G mobile base market.

Foreign Media TheVerge raised five questions about this Accident Accord Contract:

1. Why did Apple suddenly decide to solve it? In the past two years, Apple is preparing to compete with Qualcomm for patent applications. Apple has arrested all Qualcomm licenses and instead used the baseband of Intel on the iPhone XS, while Qualcomm is trying to ban it on major markets. Apple's "patent" sale. What happened, or what would happen, should Apple give up everything and agree to reconcile itself?

2. How did Intel consider Apple's decision? Hours after Apple and Qualcomm announced a solution, Intel said it would withdraw from the 5G mobile baseband business. It will never be by chance to publish these news on the day of the settlement. John Gruber from the DaringFireball website concluded that Apple chose to reach a Qualcomm solution because it learned that Intel was planning to withdraw from the 5G mobile baseband business. Or, as Bloomberg believes, Apple has decided to come to terms with Qualcomm, and Intel has decided to leave the 5G baseband business. Bloomberg's speculation suggests that the basis of Intel 5G can not meet Apple's requirements.

3. What are the specific terms of the contract? The news that the price of Qualcomm shares has risen sharply, but there is still no news to determine how much Apple paid for Qualcomm. In the future chips and patents of Qualcomm.

4. When will the first 5G iPhone come out?

Apparently, the above matches indicate that Apple is likely to release the first 5G iPhone in the near future, and Apple seems to be able to select Qualem's 5G baseband option. Just five months after Apple's upcoming release on iPhone, it is unlikely that the 5G base will appear in this year's iPhone series. Bloomberg predicts we will see Apple's first 5g mobile phone in 2020.

5. When will Apple make its own 5G mobile bass-list?

Apple obviously does not want to rely exclusively on Qualcomm's 5G base to pay high patent costs. Samsung already has a dialogue with Samsung and MTK. Haaoui also said it is "open" to sell Apple chips (although specific negotiations between the two companies have not yet taken place). However, in the long run, Apple may be planning to develop a funded chip with a 5G baseband chip. Now, when Intel is out of business, the acquisition of Intel Modem IP can help. Bloomberg quoted an analyst who says Apple may be preparing to make its own modem in just three years.

Now, Intel has announced that it will withdraw from the business with the 5G baseband business, and Apple is likely to buy Intel's intellectual property rights to Intel's Baseband business, which will be very useful.

Bloomberg quoted analyst Ben Baarin as saying that Apple plans to build its own range within three years.

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