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First class of newcomer to Yamashita published First Review Magazine – Yamashita, students, Tongchuan, carried out, own – International Internet

2018-12-25 16:29:57 Source: International Online

The first class of newcomer Yamashita has published the first option to study the magazine

On December 25, 2018, the Yamashita School published the cover and interior pages of fashion magazines produced by newcomers from 2018, and for the first time released 14 new participants in the class.

On October 19, 2017, the founders of Chen Gufu, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun founded the Yamashita School. The new class of 2018 started to open the registration simultaneously, with a total of 3345 registries. After three rounds of re-examination, 14 students were finally admitted. On March 12, 2018, the spring newcomer from 2018 held an opening ceremony.

The average age of 14 students is 24 years old and their background varies. Whether he is a veteran or a national champion for a model, from the moment he enters the class of newcomer Yamashita, he will clear his past life experience and start from scratch.

The Yamashita School is a research from the beginning of the performance, but also an experiment to break the educational routine. The Yamashita School uses a method of adaptive and advanced teaching, pays attention to the autonomy of students and develops freely according to the characteristics of each individual. Yamashita's school considers that as a professional actor, in addition to the skills for performance, the aesthetic ability and perception of life are equally important. At the same time, the Yamashita School also pays special attention to digging the actors themselves, hoping to help actors find themselves and help them connect with the characters through professional psychological counseling. Regarding teachers, dozens of high-performing teachers, film and television industries, artists and body and mind guides, who were active at the front, joined Yamashita's teaching team.

The 2018 newcomer program lasts one year and is divided into three phases: "My Story", "ABC" and a pre-employment practice. It aims to make students find themselves in the performance through a series of courses, including performance skills and aesthetics. His abilities, including his ability, gradually turned into a professional actor who was great and prosecuted.

During more than 9 months of study, the new class students received nearly 20 different courses. It includes "sound and breathing," "power liming to the actor limbs", "concept of more performance", "body architect" and other aspects of training and performance training, including "listening to learning," " writing plan "The picture is too fun. "Educational courses including yoga, Tai Chi and other meditation classes In July 2018, the Yamashita Academy invited Eugene Ma from the University of Columbia to take a week-long course of" improvised performance "for newcomers.The students also listened to the master class of three famous directors of Wu Ershang, Chen Gufu and Tian Zhuangjuan.

In addition to learning, the newcomers have wide exchanges, learning and experience. In August, the class of newcomer appeared and exchanged with students from the Drama School for Yale. In November, students went to the film "Shou Shen Ling" crew to experience learning. The films "The Thief Family", "Four Springs" and "Spring" were screened and distributed in advance at the Yamashita Academy.

Currently, students enter the practical scene and invite Israeli new director Yell Sherman to promote the famous drama "Winter Funeral" by Israeli playwright Levin. The participants will also co-operate with the finalists of the 4th Youth Support Directors Support Program of the Chinese Directorate of Youth (CFDG) of China (called the Shalot Program).

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