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Finally, I will wait for a good rest: Li Zongwei returned to the hall after half a year of cancer, but the muscles calm down! – Yes, however, there is a chance, this, to look at – sports window

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Original title: Finally wait a good holiday: Li Chong Wei returned to the hall after six months of cancer, but the muscles calm down!

Talking about the badminton sports in the world of sports, I believe many fans will consider Li Zongwei, a great professional badminton player, born in 1982, and his achievements in the past are brilliant and he is named as one of the four kings of the world badminton. At the three Olympic Games, Li Zhongwei won second place on behalf of Malaysia, and the record of the professional league is good. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with an early nasal cancer last year, fortunately, he recovered after surgery.

According to the latest news from the Malaysian media, the famous badminton star Li Zongwei, who has been suffering from rabbit cancer for six months, returned to the hall on the 4th morning and for the first time continued her training. At the same time, according to the previous discovery of Li Zongwei, he plans to return to the Malaysian Open in April this year. From the picture point of view, since Li Zongwei did not systematically train for six months, the whole person looked very thin and the muscles subsided seriously.

The news that Li Zongwei is able to return to the gym is very happy for her fans. After all, it's very inspiring to have cancer and overcome the disease with strong persistence and plan to return to the game.

In this regard, fans netizens also sent a blessing to Li Zhongwei, some netizens said: Li Zongwei is a very respectable athlete, his story is worth learning. At the same time, there are netizens who say that Li Zhongwei is a sports hero, he speaks crap and expects to return to the stadium as soon as possible. If there's a chance, I hope to see him and Lin Dan, who are also friends and friends, are clashing with each other!Return to Sohu and see more

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