Sunday , October 17 2021

Expected interest rates are reducing US stock declines Daily economic news

US stocks rallied last week, Dow fell by 4.50 percent this week, S & P 500 dropped by 4.60 percent and Nasdak increased 4.93 percent. On the European market, the British, French and German stock exchanges fell 2.90%, 3.81% and 4.17%, respectively last week. On the markets of Asia and the Pacific, the Japanese stock market fell by 3,01 percent during the week, the Korean market fell 1,01 percent, and the Hong Kong stock market in China fell by 1,67 percent.

Last week, it was largely influenced by the consensus reached by China and the United States on economic and trade issues. However, after repeated remarks by US President Trump, the global market was under pressure. Although Trump's subsequent remarks turned to goodness, but later "Canadian police detained Huawei's CEOs, the appetite for market risk continued to decline and the global market continued to decline.

Data on non-agricultural pay data released by the United States in November were significantly lower than expected, but the impact of the stock market is difficult to say. Poor economic indicators can be seen as a negative stock market, but at the same time to weaken the increase in interest rates on the Fed, which is favorable for the stock market.

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