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The user team is waiting for the floor B2 to be restored. Photo by Kai ShiminThe user team is waiting for the floor B2 to be restored. Photo by Kai Shimin

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Reporter Kai Shimin Xu Wei

Recently, the news of bankruptcy, running and hard deposits pushed the ride to the top. Many users have told the International Financial Newspapers that they have applied for a return of a 299 yuan deposit for more than a month, but they never received it. Money. As a result, many users went to enjoy on-site return to Shanghai's headquarters.

"Do not be as stupid as they are on the second floor, hundreds of people are waiting there, hurry up and return (deposit!) On the 14th floor, hurry!" A shared motorcycle enjoys the location of the office – Shanghai Minhang Down in the Liyingfang building in the county, a grandfather who successfully pulled out of the landfill, shouted at the drivers who came to the "recovery" deposit.

Recently, the news of bankruptcy, running and hard deposits pushed the ride to the top. Many users have told the International Financial Newspapers that they have applied for a return of a 299 yuan deposit for more than a month, but they never received it. Money. As a result, many users went to enjoy on-site return to Shanghai's headquarters.

On November 27th, the journalist went to the company to enjoy the ride and realized that at least hundreds of users gathered on the second floor and on the 14th floor of the Leiffang building. Like the aforementioned uncles, many users received a refund on the spot. But from now on, many foreign customers who are unable to reach the company are still waiting.

On November 28th, a release statement said that due to restrictions on the office space and security factors in crowded places, the company's headquarters returns the deposit channel, but the user can normally return the deposit in official channels, such as what are the public access of App and WeChat. .

At the moment, enjoy driving on the official website and public number to post the refund list, which was operated on the day for users to inquire.

While deeply stuck in the "refund deposit deposit", the driver told reporters that the company would issue a large amount of financing in December and would gradually expand the scope of the free deposit in the future.

The user visits the deposit

On November 27th, the journalist did not enter the Liyingfang building, even after he encountered a large number of drivers who had come to apply for a refund and successfully received a refund, some users said they were placed four hours on floor B2 from the building. The deposit, also designated by the user, was quickly restored on the 14th floor.

The floor of the Lai Ying Fang building shows that the horse-riding office is located on the 2nd floor and 1401th room. The reporter found on the 14th floor that a team of more than 20 people had expanded from the horse-riding reception to the elevator room. Two staff members at the reception held billing operations.

The journalist was informed that the billing process does not have to be present, but the original user of the billing user must be kept. At the scene, multiple users from the billing registration, to Alipay, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

At around 16 o'clock, staff said that because the property requirements did not affect the normal functioning of other companies, the 14th floor office no longer accepted the waiting application. Then the journalist went to floor B2 of the building and found that hundreds of users were gathered here, but only 4 computers on this site were performing refund operations. In addition, many drivers used paper and pencil to register information about the user's identity and said that definitely the return of these users was completed on November 28.

However, many users still have not yet reached the driver.

Li Teng (a pseudonym), a driver based in Shanghai, said he had applied for a refund on October 2. Then, several times contacted the driver's service department and filed a complaint with the relevant department, he had not yet received a refund, and the journalist told him to go to the firm to file a claim for a refund. When the money was received, the other side said it was difficult to accept. "What about people in this area? I'm a Shanghai user, but why do you allow users to go to their company?"

Land users have also begun choosing to go to a local driving company to claim a refund. Among the QQ recovery groups that Xian customers spontaneously set up, a small number of users successively reflected that they received a refund, and within the Rising Hefei group, many users will be notified by Hefei Hefei after three business days. The payment, on November 30th, users in the group continued to receive a refund, and the user instantly uninstall the driving application after receiving the deposit.

On November 28, the driver said in a statement that due to recent false reports from some media, some users indirectly caused the depositing of the deposit, which affected the normal process of redemption of the original deposit. When the journalist asked the relevant person of the driving company why the user had applied for a return two months ago but had not yet arrived, the other party did not respond positively.

The driver told the reporter that in all cities across the country, the driver is currently returning the deposit through the channel of the application. In order to prevent users' inconvenience, the company also opened a channel for returning assets to the public account of WeChat.

Many employees denied closure

Hundreds of users took pictures and videos of refunds in the company.WeiboAfter extensive spread of network platforms such as vibrato, there are frequent reports of bankruptcy and bankruptcy.

The reporter found himself in the company on the second floor of the building that he had only one employee at the reception, and the left side of the door was covered with plastic foil, and it was not clear whether the interior functioned normally, and the employee said the office on the second floor had been renovated.

On the 14th floor, in addition to two employees who worked on a refund, several employees in the office worked and were not affected by the collection of users on the spot.

An employee of the company's branding department told the reporter who gave a fee for the user's name: "The company is not shut down, we are planning to launch new products next month. I'm not a boss, I'm only employed if I go bankrupt, definitely more upset than you. "

In the afternoon of November 27th, many drivers on the 14th floor set off on B2 floor to provide support, to hold an order to reconstruct the site and to keep user registration information.

The reporter saw the management of employees on floor B2. The woman claimed to be from the administrative department and firmly denied the news of the company's failure. "We have a normal return a few months ago, but in the last 2 months, due to some negative impact, I did not expect to cause such a panic.

The woman said the recent inability to use bicycles in some central urban areas in Shanghai is due to a convening conference and a temporary inability to deliver vehicles to urban areas.

In a statement on the 28th, the ride also said that the ride is currently running in normal cities across the country. Hefei users told reporters that there are several Hefei employees: "As a normal office, there is a lot of refunds." When we enter, we will ask if we want to return the deposit. Hefei's employees told the user that the company is currently working normally.

Some users of Xian said that there are still personnel staying at the site of Xian, but employees say that only the registration is not responsible for the billing operation, the deposit will be refunded, but the time of arrival is not guaranteed.

A new round of funding?

In a statement about driving enjoyment, the news of the new round of funding received great attention. As for the financial news, officially announced in December, the company's official said that it is not convenient to disclose, it is just said that funding is a large amount of funding. Many insiders have pointed out the journalist: "Funding for the news is definitely true".

Tianyuechao showed that the ride was registered in the county of Munhang, Shanghai, in October 2015, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The annual report for 2017 shows that the number of employees participating in the ride is 181.

The company has 14 subsidiaries, of which 9 are called "Huiqi", registered in Nanjing, Hefei, Chengdu, Uxie, Haiku, Changsha, Wuhan, Xiamen and Ningbo, with a total capital of 43 million. Yuan.

The latest annual business report shows that at the end of 2017, the main driving capital was only 3 million yuan, all from the founder and CEO of the driver Shi Jinfeng. Judging from the record of industrial and commercial changes, there were five changes in shareholder ownership since the establishment of the ride, and Shi Jinfeng never withdrew as the main shareholder. The latest shareholder ratio is 13%.

The reporter found that there were no news on the Internet that had previously been funded. The driving company's insiders told reporters that, in fact, there had been funding before, but that was not disclosed. As for the specific amount of funding previously, the other party refused to disclose.

However, some insiders say that current driving difficulties can not be easily solved with a new round of financing. After this storm, it's a long-term problem to enjoy how to restore the user.

Zhang Yi, chief analyst at Ai Media Consulting, said that compared to the "last three kilometers" trip "Oo" and "Mobai", the "last ten kilometers" for sharing motorcycles is not only needed, and its business model is more dangerous . Get support. "The price of the motorcycle itself is relatively high, and the problem of losses is difficult to handle. At the same time, it also faces competition from the network and public transport."

The company's insiders told reporters that at the moment, the ride has already issued a deposit without a deposit to some users and will gradually expand the scope. Then, the vehicle will be updated and will be repeated according to the user experience. The person said he firmly believes that the development of the ride will give all users confidence, and the ride will prove the strength of the company with practical activities.

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