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Emery: I'm thinking about the game. I have experience with Ramsey for his experience – Europe and America

2018-12-03 03:00:59 Source: Football Europe and the United States

Original title: Emery: I was thinking about the situation in the game. I changed to Ramsey, because he has experience.

On December 2nd in Beijing, the Premiership won the 14th Premier League round, and in the end Arsenal beat Tottenham 4-2. Arsenal Emery coach accepted the interview after the match.

Emrie first commented on this game: "This is a very big win, because this is a special game, the most important thing is that we get three points, I think the process of today's game and the stage. We have been able to win this game, although Tottenham have lost, they still have 30 points in the table. The key battle gave us great confidence, but we will not forget that Tottenham have beaten Chelsea last week, but they have lost now, so we have to be warned and we need to think about how to play pro I told Manchester United on Wednesday. "

Speaking of adjusting the halftime changes, Emery said: "Before the game, I was already thinking about what would happen in the game, one of them is the situation presented in this game." "Lakatasheth and Ramsey" because Lakazit has a great desire to score against each team, in addition, the last Ramsay vs. Tottenham match and other key game experiences with Help, so we can pull the game in 90 minutes. "

We hope to prepare for this game in the best possible way, hoping to be in this game. We hope to be ready for this game. It is a great challenge for us to have good results, but we really want to accept such challenges. "

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