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Continue with the spirit of the Constitution, make people think. | Tongzhou District | Administrative reassessment Re-examination _ Blue News

Original title: Promoting the spirit of the Constitution, practicing the questioning of people

Source: CCTV

Activity scene

Zhang Qinqin, director of the Office of Legal Affairs of Tongzhou District Government, chaired the forum

Zhu Zongfang, deputy director of the Tongzhou District Government Office for Legal Affairs Office, gave a lecture on "Tongzhou administrative re-examination 20 years tour"

CCTV News: On December 3, in order to mark the 40th anniversary of the reform and the opening and 20 years of administrative review, on the occasion of the Constitutional Publicity Day "12.4", the District Government's Legal Office in Beijing, Tangzhou successfully implemented "Promoting the Constitution" "Tonjo District Administrative Review Open Day" on the subject "People's Reassurance", some delegates to the Congress of District People, members of the CPPCC, Commission for Supervision of the District Disciplinary Committee, Political and Legal Committee of the District Committee, County Ann Court, district procurator, the Regional Bureau of Public Security, the Regional Judicial Bureau in the activities of more than 50 people, including administrative social supervisors and representatives of residents.

The purpose of this activity is to publish the "Constitution" and "Administrative Reassessment Process", to announce the advantages and functions of the administrative review, to publish the 20-year history of the Administrative Review and Tongzhou achievements, so that the public fully understand the relevant laws and regulations for administrative review. Better understanding of the process of administrative review and skills, improving social recognition of administrative re-examination and fully playing the positive role of administrative re-examination in resolving disputes, protection of rights and interests and regulating administrative behavior.

Zhang Qinqin, director of the Office of Legal Affairs in Tongzhou County, introduced the 1999 Administrative Re-Examination Act of China. This year, just 20 years ago, the first case of re-examination in Tongzhou District was in 2001, and since then almost 20 years.

"When we promote administrative re-examination, we change the way we think, in fact, we are still leading the society and solving the problem through this legal method. If everyone can solve their own disputes under the law, there must not be so many letters and visits, and society will be more harmonious. "Said Zhang Qinqin.

This open event is for the first time the Tongzhou Legal Affairs Office to hold the same type of activities, including visiting the office of the administrative room for review, monitoring and reviewing the ground, handling the case, listening to "Tonzhou administrative review of the 20- year tour ", holding a symposium and other links. . Zhu Zhanfang, deputy director of District Legal Affairs, combined with the exhibition board, introduced the history, experience and accumulated experience of Tongzhou administrative reassessment work in the past 20 years.

In the Mediation Room, the words "harmony and wealth" are very attractive. Zhu Zhanfang explained in detail the scope and the important role of administrative mediation. He said: "In the past 20 years, the percentage of administrative disputes resolved through mediation and coordination is about 11.3%. The greatest advantage of mediation is that it does not hurt peace. Mediation must follow" voluntary, legal, fair and fair. "The principle of success in mediation is suitable for timely and effective resolution of contradictions, which is most convenient and economical."

At the follow-up symposium, staff broadcast an animated short film on administrative reconciliation to help participants understand administrative reconsideration. Zhang Qinqin introduced the general state of administrative reconsideration work, typical cases of administrative review and "three public" system of administrative re-examination in Tongzhou District. The participants fully reaffirmed the administrative work for reconsideration in the Tonong District and gave many constructive suggestions for further dissemination of the public, improved social recognition and the reputation of administrative work for reconsideration and facilitated people to adopt administrative channels for re-examination to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

It is reported that from 1999 to 2017, a total of 968 administrative cases were reconsidered in the Tonzhou District, of which 778 were re-invested by the administrative authorities of each area, which represented 80%. The main body of the respondent mainly included: cities, District Public Security Bureau, District House of Construction Committee, District Food and Drug Administration and other units

Ma Ning, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau at the symposium, said the Public Security Bureau, as a re-examined administrative body, would encounter many cases each year. For our public safety authorities, whether it's law enforcement or handling cases, it is proposed. The high requirements, so as to improve our ability and level of law enforcement and improve our ability to respond to the re-examination has always been the subject of our research.

In the results of the administrative review investigation in the Tonong District, 296 administrative actions were held, accounting for 38%, 212 requests were rejected, accounting for 27.2%, directly corrected mistakes by confiscation, confirming violations and ordering legal obligations 89 cases, the error correction ratio is around 11.4%, and administrative re-examination plays an important role in the supervision of administrative bodies in accordance with the law. After mediation and settlement, the percentage reached 11.3%, which also well protected the applicant's legitimate rights and interests.

Administrative review requires the administrative authority not only to be legal and administrative, but also to be reasonably administrative. He must carry out administrative actions on the basis of legitimate goals and a just process, in accordance with the principles of law and the rule of law, and to show fairness and justice.

"(Office for Regional Legal Affairs) has invited so many people. You see in the Inspection Law of the Discipline, the Public Security Bureau, including the uncle and aunts on the streets behind us, including the MPs of the NPC and members of the NPCK. please come, it is necessary to have enough confidence and feelings, this is really unexpected. " The symposium was excited by the representative of the District People's Congress Han Kefei.

Lawyer Zuo Zengxin said many people still do not need to understand the procedures for administrative review and the way they should be adopted, and should increase their publicity. At the same time, it also sets higher demands and more difficult tasks for the administrative agency for reconsideration.

In the future, to increase the intensity of the administrative review, better reflect administrative re-examination and its advantages, broaden the masses of people in administrative review, understand administrative re-examinations, participate in administrative re-examination and leave ordinary people fair and justice in any administrative case for reconsideration. She is bound to be the correct meaning of the administrative matter for questioning, said Zhang Qinqin, director of the Legislative Office of the District Government.

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