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Comprehensive news: Chinese army again seizes 14 gold to refresh more records –


(Wuhan War Games) Comprehensive News: Chinese Legion Seizes 14 Gold to Refresh Large Record

Chinese News Agency, Beijing, October 20 (Journalist Hue Yuan) On the 20th, the seventh world war games (hereinafter referred to as "War Games") were introduced in the second match the day after the opening. After winning 12 gold medals on the first day, the Chinese delegation won another 14 gold medals the same day, ranking them 26th on the medal list. During the match, Chinese players set a new record in several projects.

In the women's individual and team road bike competitions that ended earlier that day, the Chinese team won two gold medals. During the game, the Chinese team adopted a post-production tactic and relied on teamwork to gain a favorable position in the sprint phase. In the end, Hao Shusha took the lead in 2 hours, 2 minutes and 53 seconds to win the championship. Her teammates Pu Jie, Sun Yaijun and Liang Hongwu ranked 4th, 5th and 13th. The four players also won the team gold medal. Middle.

After winning six gold medals on the first day and breaking a number of records, Chinese soccer players are still keeping an eye on the swimming field and winning 6 gold medals in one day.

In the women 's 4x100m freestyle relay final, the Chinese team of Wu Mengui, Wang Hangjiah, Ang Shook and Yang Lan won the championship with a score of 3: 39.57 and broke the International Military Sport Record. Not only that, Yang Lan also won the International Military Sports Council record in the women's 200m freestyle and won two gold medals a day. Jie Xinjiang and Wang Yun also had great performances on the same day. The two men won the men's 800m freestyle and men's 200m individual gold medal with 7 minutes 53 seconds 65 and 1 minute 56 seconds 25. Wang Jun created a new gold medal. . Record of the sports council. In addition, Sou Wei won the women's 50-meter breaststroke in 30 seconds with 74 seconds and 58-fangs took the lead in the women's 100-meter butterfly final with 58 seconds 59.

The Chinese judo team has been credited for two days in a row. In the women's 78kg judo competition, Chinese national Wang Wang will take on Guan Yu and his teammate Li Yang will take the bronze medal. At this point, the Chinese players have collected 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 copper in this miracle individually.

There was good news in the water rescue court as well. The project produced a total of 6 gold medals a day, and Chinese handball players received 5 gold medals. Niu Weigi won the men's 200m relay in 2 marks and 2 seconds and 12 seconds 56. The 200m women's 200m super medalist took Dai Xiaodi with 2 minutes 28 seconds 51. Wu Huimin not only won the women's a 50-meter lifesaving project but also won the International Military Sports Record in the 33-second 93rd final. In addition, the Chinese team of Dai Xiaodi, Qiu Jihan, Wu Huimin and Ang Sishi won the relay championship. in the women's 4x50m swim in 1 minute 47 seconds 58. This achievement broke down and the record of the International Military Sports Sport; Angang also did not allow the men's gold medal in the 4x50m hurdles, 1 minute 34 seconds 80 results also set a new world record.

Chinese players did well on the horse track. This is the first time a Chinese delegation has come together to take part in equestrian warfare events. At the 20th Hurdle Course, Mao Lixin achieved a perfect score of 65 points, lasting 54.42 seconds and ranking 4th place by time. After the match, Mao Lixin's personal ranking climbed to ninth, and the Chinese team finished 12th.

The five military games entered the second day of the competition. Chinese tennis players broke the world record in a day. In the women's individual all-around hurdle competition, Chinese Luo Yao broke the project world record with a score of 2:10:09. First, Pan Yuukusheng's performance is equally good. He broke his own world record of 2: 09.51 and became the first player to run the 2-minute and 10-second mark in the men's individual all-around hurdle in military sports. .

The Chinese team's three main ball projects also continued their strong performance the previous day. The Chinese team's volleyball team from August 1, which is considered to be the favorite to win the championship, took the Canadian team 3-0 and brought it to the semifinals with the group's highest name. The men's volleyball match began on the 20th. The Chinese team won 3: 0 over the French team and made a good start. The Chinese national basketball team defeated the US team 98:79 and made two consecutive group stage victories. The basketball team of Bahia won more clear and orderly, the girls defeated the German team with 128: 43 and won the first place in the group after winning two major matches.

The table tennis match also continued the same day. China's Baiji men's team led by Han Heendong defeated Saudi Arabia 3-0 in the semifinals and advanced to the finals. They will compete with North Korea's gold medal team. (End)

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