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Clop firmly defends his students: Salah has no streams Liverpool have no diving players – Liverpool, Sarah, Klus, Assen, Prox – Rock

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The original title: Klop firmly defends his students: Hall does not have a fake. Liverpool has no diving.

Liverpool won Arsenal 5-1 in the Premier League, 7 points ahead of Manchester City in second place. In the match, Salah made a penalty in a strike. In this regard, Liverpool coach Clop decided to firmly defend his children: Salah did not dive, Liverpool had no diving.

In the match against Arsenal, at the end of the first half, Sala entered the penal area of ​​the way, twice defended Papadopoulos in an attempt to stop the entry of the Egyptian pharaoh. The referee decisively gave him a penalty, and Salla personally punished, increasing the score to 4: 1 and essentially breaking Arsenal's thoughts to return the result. In the second half, Liverpool scored another penalty. Salla gave him a penalty kick on Fernínimo, who made the Brazilian hat-trick.

During the break, Papadopoulos communicated with Hall while he was walking. Both of them became more and more fierce and seemed to have conflicts between words. Subsequently, Liverpool's defender, Van Dyk, was involved in this tiny conflict, separating the two faces. Papadopoulos still thought it was not a punishment before he entered the locker.

For this Liverpool coach, Clop decided to defend his team members: "We do not have diving players, do not dive and the other is not diving. The judge is really close to the incident. In three and a half years, we met too much be punished, but they have not brought us the situation. At that time, you will be too angry if you think: "Hey, hey, hey!"

In addition, Cloop also believes that fans should not only look at the hat-defamed Filmino, according to him, the Dutch midfielder Venal Dum is the best in the game. "He's a great player, there are many things you need, and in the case of one on one, he can keep the body between the opponent and the ball, and then hand over the ball to his teammates." I do not know how much he can play. The position is sure to be on all three midfield positions, which is really good. "Clop is praised for this Dutch midfielder.Return to Sohu and see more

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