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China Railway Total: 6800 km from China Railway is a new production line in 2019 – IT and Transportation – cnBeta.COM

The reporter learned from the work meeting of the Chinese Railway Corporation on the 2nd that the main goals of the railway work were set in 2019. Namely, the national rail has filled the volume of passengers with 3.535 billion passengers, and the freight volume amounted to 3.368 billion tonnes, which provided a withdrawal of a new line of 6,800 kilometers, including a 3,200 kilometer high-speed train station. The meeting stressed that in 2019, the railway work focused on comprehensive planning of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway Construction and accelerating the transformation of the shareholding system of the Chinese Railway Corporation and implemented three major measures to promote structural reforms on the railways side and intensified efforts to supplement the railway infrastructure. Further promotion of high quality and sustainable development of the railways.

Original title: China Railway Total: 6800 kilometers from China's new production line in 2019

In addition, to increase management of railroad management, to improve the quality and efficiency of capital management, to improve the market-oriented level of the railway legalization operation, to focus on improving the quality and efficiency, to expand the opening of the railroad to the outside world and better serve the "belt and road" Construction and so on.

The working meeting also showed that the objectives and tasks of the railways were completed in 2018. The national railway equipment for fixed assets amounts to 802.8 billion yuan (yen, the same is below), of which the national railway has finished 760.3 billion yuan, 26 new projects have been launched, the new investment scale is 338.2 billion yuan, the new line was put into operation 4683 kilometers, 4100 km of fast track.

By the end of 2018, the national railway operating mileage reached more than 131,000 kilometers, of which the speed of the railroad was more than 29,000 kilometers.

Both passengers and cargo increased significantly. National railways completed 3.37 billion passengers, an increase of 9.4 percent over a year, and the national railways ended with 3.317 billion passengers, an increase of 9.2 percent.

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