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China marathon races ‧ Many players were violently violated – Sport Grey Jujing Daily

In the semi-marathon in Shenzhen Nanshan in 2018, up to 258 players violated the rules, including falsification of the cloth, running and "cutting down the road".

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258 players violated the rules, including forging the towel, running and "cutting down the road".

In the past two years, the Chinese marathon became popular, not only had more and more competitions, but the number of participants also reached record highs. However, there was a glittering farce with a "flag", followed by competitors and medical personnel. "conflict". Today, violations of players on a large scale are broken.

This year Shenzhen Nanshan half marathon took place in Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, which is known as "China Silicon Valley". Assuming that it is not too much to hinder office workers from going to work, the competition circuit is designed very simply, only two ways that return to each other.

However, what makes people angry is that the good intentions of the staff allow these contestants to be opportunistic. According to the video to watch the competition, nearly a thousand people can directly cross the green belt on the track and use the "cut-off" method to achieve better results.

In addition, there are netizens who found that many competitors were considered running and platform, which led to many of the discussed friends. After the match, the Nanshan Semi Marathon Organizing Committee expressed deep regret for these results and strongly condemned the offenders.

After the investigation, the organizing committee issued a statement announcing the ban on 258 illegal players involved in fake towels, running and "cutting near the road".

According to the announcement, according to the chip time, the video game, photos of the site and other supporting materials, there were 258 illegal players, including 18 forged towels and 3 people running, including 237 other illegal players, including "cutting the road ". According to competition rules, counterfeit cloth and runners are banned from participating in the half marathon in Shenzhen Nanshan. Other offenders are banned from participating in the marathon Shenzhen Nanshan for two years.

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