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Can you get tired at the back? Unreasonable fools in the NBA ample, stand and dunking is not unusual – Battle, Wade, Kobe, people, Green – Basketball skills

2019-01-02 23:39:02 Source: Basketball Skills

Original title: Can you get tired at the back? Unreasonable fools in the NBA are abundant, it is not uncommon for them to stand up to teeth.

Dunking is a difficult task for many basketball fans, but for basketball players of NBA basketball is a simple thing, even when they are scoring. In today's Bucks vs. Pistons, the Goa de Toncunbo letter, when turned to the basket, faced his opponent, had to rely on avoiding cover, and he nevertheless decided to get his teeth. Struggling to end the separation!

Others are likely to jump with shots, and the brother of the letter is in fact "reverse Dunks"! It's just incredible. However, if you have seen the "magical little dolls" of these great gods, you may not be surprised.

Wade turned and pulled the bow

During the peak period, Flash Wade was a fierce player who broke the game with a slam dunk. Even during the Great Triple Heat, Wade's top was slightly down, and the dash was another piece of cake for him. In the match against Thunder in the heat, Wade collapsed and collapsed. In the second row of Thunder, Ibaka and Perkins, Wade did not hide, one turned around and passed Ibaka, and then both hands. After the fire started, raise the ball high and pull the body abruptly, then end it 2 + 1 lock, killer!

Kobe's airbase is reversed

Compared with Wade, Kobe's mall is not fierce, but sharp! Kobe is very good at jumping from the side of the basket after the breaks from the bottom line, then drag the bar to the other side to complete the board. However, in the game against the Knicks, Kobe Bryant will finish with regular progress after the low singles passed by the defender, but this time he decided to end the dunk, and then he could still land, this is Blackman. The cruelty of Pakistan.

James stepped back after returning

Although James did not participate in the dunk competition, his dribbling ability is obvious to everyone. Especially in the years when Janey was connected, all the incredible empty drinks were incredible. In the past year, James, who was already a 30-year-old man, ended his left hand with Green's help, and the time of throwing the green was obviously a little late. After taking James, he had already reached the return, but he did. He finished the dunk with his left hand, then looked his left hand as if he could not believe it.

Griffin does not touch the basket

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