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Wall Street sales staff said that most college student loans were approved.

Recently, Weibo broke the news that a college student was on the Wall Street newspaper for a "training loan" of more than 100,000 yuan on an online credit platform. Earlier, the state imposed explicit provisions, except for commercial banks and political banks, no other college can provide loans. In this regard, Wall Street's sales staff made it clear that "you must not go on your own loan, but at present 30% of Wall Street students are students, this is because there is a guarantee for Wall Street to give them Guarantee. Define the school, let's do it again. "

Although China has already banned on-campus loans, it is strictly forbidden to lend student loans. However, a journalist in the Beijing Youth Diary recently discovered that some online loan applications carry "educative stationary" vests and skyscraper English adult training institutions. Students can purchase tuition fees up to 100,000 yuan. However, when some students feel overwhelmed by the economy, they find it difficult not to retreat from school but also to continue to bear the pressure of repayment. In this regard, some legal entities reminded that when the English training institution applies for a loan, students must not hide their student status in order to be successfully approved, otherwise it will bury the hidden dangers of future protection of rights.


College students go to Wall Street English with hundreds of thousands of loans

Recently, Weibo Da V "Beijing people do not know things in Beijing" announced the message that college student asked for help: because Wall Street English Beijing Chongwenmen Center released a series of courses, spent tuition of 163,300 yuan, monthly To repay the loan of 6,600 yuan, because of the economic pressure, it is no longer possible to continue studying, and the family is not able to repay the debt. "I do not want anything else now, I want to withdraw money and relieve the pressure on the family." According to Liu's student, he also has a sister who bought an English course on Wall Street for about 190,000 yuan. Walking the money, "she dared not talk to her family, she could only find a way to return, but Wall Street simply does not give it back."

According to the loan agreement provided by Liu, the lender has money for Baidu, and the project is a rich scholarship for Baidu, which is used only to pay the educational service to the lender in the designated educational institution. Through Baidu money APP, arrears will be returned in full to the designated Baidu account. If payment is not made on time and in full, it will be considered delayed. "As a result of late late payment, penalty interest and negative impact on the pedestrian loan you will be personally responsible for this. After the enforcement of the loan, all disputes between you and the educational institution, including the problems you may have Acceptance of goods or services (including but not limited to quality issues) will not affect the repayment obligations. It is necessary to pay off the amount in a timely manner, while the loan and associated costs are not fully settled. "

The agreement on this site is a risk notification and should be part of the Baidu loan agreement. The agreement on this page shows that the date of the loan agreement is April 21 this year, the course fee is 8840 yuan, and there is also a Chinese signature of a course consultant. The applicant Liu is promised: "There will be no refusal to repay the money on the basis of the quality of the training service. The personal information I received from me is true and effective and voluntarily brings all the consequences arising from the outstanding loan." Name.


Buying a Wall Street loan is often spent on netizens

Since press time, the Beiqing Daily journalist contacted the bloggers of "Beijing people do not know Beijing things," and they have not yet found a classmate Xiao Liu. However, in the public comment, I know, Baidu Post Bar can be seen everywhere. The nickname "The Princess of the Princess of the Jay Public" said he went out to go shopping, but did not expect to go home to become a "loan". Because in the mall, the sale of Wall Street English has stopped selling, "near four or five hours of" brainwashing ", signed a contract, and also lent money. You can return to more thoughts that is wrong, the next day to come back, but I told you to go through the process. " The new graduated girl said: "It's really insane. Just getting my diploma this year, I'm not working, I have to pay a loan."

According to the Voice of China, according to Wall Street's recommendation in English, many students have paid tuition fees from an Internet credit platform called "Baidu Money", and they have to pay each month for the Baidu money application. Money. Some of them are students or graduates who are not financially capable. Xiao Zhang, a college student in Shanghai, said in an interview that he worked with a course worth more than 40,000 yuan under a "strong" offensive sales staff. Although it has repeatedly stated that there is no money, it is still recommended to use Baidu's money to spend educational loans. Xiao Zhang said she posted all the expired personal photos, but she also succeeded, and the risk warning for the loan was not.


Seller: "A student before 1995 is a good application"

How do college students receive a installment education loan from Wall Street English? Beijing The Daily Journal recently made an unannounced visit to the English store at Wall Street as a college student.

When the Beijing Daily correspondent phoned the Wall Street store in English Sanyuanqiao, he inquired in detail about which journalist's journal in Being is, how old it is now, whether it wants to test IELTS or TOEFL and what is the target result. The sales staff at the center of the course soon began Baidu financial education installments loan. "Baidu placement is the same for students as a credit bank credit card," said the seller of the course. "You can do this for 12 months, 24 months. The interest rate for a loan in two years is 6.48%, and the repayment of 12 years is one year, which is 2%."

When the Beiqing Daily journalist expressed concern that student status is difficult to apply for a loan, the seller said: "You must not go on loan yourself, because students have no social security, no fund and can not make credit cards. studying on Wall Street 30% of students are students, this is because there is a guarantee for Wall Street to give them a guarantee. "" If you are sure that you will learn, we will stop it again. "For the online loan application, the above-mentioned sales staff revealed: Your cell phone will be there positioning, for example, if you are in the Sanyuanqiao store on Wall Street, this store will guarantee you, Baidu Financial Education will give you a loan installment. "

In the process of introducing a credit platform, the seller mentioned that there is another credit application called Zhaolian Loan, but Zhaolian Loan has a bank background. "The student loan assessment is not good," she said. Students who choose to work on Wall Street, all choose Baidu. (Before the date of birth) Students applying before 1995 are not obliged to tell their parents. "

According to the seller, among the students at the Sanyuanqiao Center in Wall Street, there are foreign trade and economic students, as well as students from the fashion institute in Beijing. Most of the loans are approved. However, because of the different qualifications of each person, the amount of the approval is not the same, and there are loans rejected by the platform. The reason is: "Some are because they are too young, some because personal qualifications are wrong, some are hacking problems, ID cards, etc., What can affect the success of the loans," she said .


Baidu Education Stadiuming does not clearly indicate that college students can not apply

So, what is the defect of Baidu Financial Education Staging that can lend to college students through the Wall Street English Guarantee? The reporter of Beiqing Daily saw on the official website of Xiaoman Financial (renamed Baidu Finance) that the threshold for applying for money in installments for loans is very low: the first is that applicants are between 18-55 years old. The second article is that I need to give my second-generation card and my debit card during the application process, and there is no clear text that university students can not apply for loans. This means that if a college student hides his true identity to apply for a loan, there is an opportunity to get an approval.

However, when a Beiqing Daily journalist called on Baidu to pay a phone call for customer service, he said he was younger and wanted to pay the English language training loan. The wired staff staff clearly stated: "We do not apply for student loans".


Why do you still have hundreds of thousands of loans when they are studying English?

Why does learning in English allow students to carry a loan of more than ten million yuan? Kevin, a sales practitioner in the English Center Donjiemmen from Wall Street, said openly: "Wall Street English tuition is expensive." The tone is proud. According to him, the Wall Street English course is divided into 20 levels, with 16 classes per level. If it is a one-to-one VIP course, tuition for 1-3 levels is 127,000 yuan, tuition for 1-6 classes is 155,300 yuan, tuition for 1-9 hours is 176,000 yuan, and must be paid in one lump sum . . This is not a small number for the working class, let alone college students who do not have an economic source. More importantly, according to the marketing style of Wall Street English, despite the higher tuition fees, more than 100,000 yuan, but do not try to give students the chance "to return to chat or talk to the family," "If there is no credit card , here is for me. To run a Baidu loan, you can pay in installments. Today you pay 10% down payment, and the rest of the tuition fee will be repaid monthly, "said Kevin.

The Beiqing Daily reported that the disparity of English language courses from setting up curricula and training standards is really high. Also in another English training center in Oriental Ginza, one level of English language courses is divided into six units, each unit has six classes, each unit has a total learning time of 10 hours, which is completed within one to two weeks. Single Learning. Teaching methods are online face-to-face and center-to-face teaching. The tuition fee is 12,000 yuan in three months and 30,999 yuan for tuition for 12 months.


Baidu Finance does not qualify for college credits

Wang Hao, a member of the National Association of Lawyers and Senior Partner of the Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, pointed out that in terms of student loans, the state issued clear regulations that loans from foreign banks could not be secured except commercial banks and policy banks . These include online lending companies and microfinance companies. "Baidu Finance is a financial company that does not belong to a banking type of financial institution, so it lacks the ability to lend to college students," Wang said.

According to national regulations, commercial banks and political banks also need to develop targeted financial products such as student support, training, consumption and entrepreneurship under the premise of risk control and provide customized and standardized financial services for students.

However, Mr. Wang believes that the key issues of the above-mentioned Xiao Liu students is that when college students apply for education installments loans with the help of Wall Street English, whether the application materials provided by him are clear that they are students. "If he does not fulfill his identity in the contract, then from the point of view of Baidu Finance, there is no violation of state regulations," Wang said. Therefore, students themselves should nurture the concepts of rational consumption and improve financial literacy and awareness of loans.

It is worth noting that the role of campus lending in the past was mainly to stimulate students to spend ahead of time, such as high-end clothing, cosmetics, digital products. Now, the online loan platform puts it on a voucher of "educational stages", highly skilled high-skilled adult training institutions, and upgrades the cash flows of students with high tuition fees.

Another legal entity considers that the training institution is obliged to clearly state the behavior of the restriction of consumers and to dry the text and publish it. In response to the aforementioned problem of withdrawal of tuition fees, the legal entity suggested that consumers can first consolidate evidence, such as downloading the relevant notarization documents, and then registering with the department for industry and commerce, can also be solved through consumer association complaints or court fees, if suspected of being a scam If you act, you can report the case to the public security authority.

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Put on the campus loan to the "education stading" vest

Public information shows that on-campus loans relate to student behavior for borrowing money from various lending platforms. In recent years, relevant civil services have always maintained a high-pressure situation on campus lending, and have safeguarded the personal and security of property of students in accordance with the law.

In April 2016, the Ministry of Education and the Banking Regulatory Commission in China jointly issued the "Report on Strengthening Risk Prevention and Education Guidelines for Bad Network Loan on Campus", clearly requiring all universities to establish a daily monitoring mechanism and an early warning mechanism for bad network lending on campus and at the same time to establish a campus. Bad network lending needs to deal with the removal mechanism.

On June 28, 2017, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the Notice of Further Strengthening the Management of Lending Standards on Campus (called Reporting). "Reporting" requires internet lending institutions engaged in online online lending online to suspend an IPO business on a newly created campus and formulate a clear plan for the correction of savings on the basis of their own stock business.

On September 6, 2017, the Ministry of Education made clear once again that "the business of crediting loans was banned, and any institution for online lending is not allowed to issue loans to students."

On September 4, 2018, People's Daily published an article titled "Restoring Leased Loans, Working Loans, Loans for Training and Entrepreneurial Loans" on some campuses. According to the article, there are still some campus credits in some areas. Especially some illegal elements have changed into "vests", methods of reconstruction, job loans, training loans and entrepreneurial loans are prominent problems that bring security to the campus and the legitimate rights and interests of students. Serious damage, no need to be careful and attentive.

A loan repayment loan is that a loan company requires you to read the college address book and control college students' privacy information. Upon the delay, the loan company will harass family members and friends at colleges by address book, and even ask students to renew their credits and replace other platforms to fill the hole and fall into a vicious circle.

Training credits mean that some students meet some companies that offer excellent salary when applying for a job, but when they sign a contract for employment with the company, students also need to pay a high training fee. Many students can not pay, and the company's employees will demonstrate that they can make loans to the company or third parties and make salaries every month. Many students are confused, but the company has promised that the high-paid penny is not received. Instead, it was due to a tens of thousands of yuan due to the so-called. training loan.

Formally, the "educational setting" of Wall Street English is actually a variant of training credits. Релевантните одделенија треба дополнително да го зајакнат надзорот, а во исто време да ја зајакнат финансиската едукација и пропаганда против измама за студенти, и не дозволувајте заемите во кампусите да станат "штета на кампусот".

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