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Brother Pingtou released the first chip Xuantie 910: the strongest RISC-V processor in the industry – Pingtou's brother, the first, the chip, Xuan Tie 910, the strongest RISC-V processing technology – fast-paced technology (driven home media) – Technology changes the future

At a June conference in Hangzhou last September, Alibaba officially announced the founding of the chip company "Pingtou Ge Semiconductor Co., Ltd.", which was formed by the integration of Zhongtianwei, a home chip company acquired by Ali in April, and the team Aha.

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At the 2019 Summit of Ali in Shanghai, Pingtou Ge officially announced the Xuan Tie 910, which is also the strongest RISC-V processor in the industry.from

According to reports, Black Iron 910 can be used to design and produce high-performance end-to-end 5G chips, artificial intelligence and automatic driving.

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One core performance of the Black Iron 910 reaches 7.1 Coremark / MHz, and the main frequency reaches 2.5GHz, which is 40% higher than the best RISC-V processor in the industry.

Pingtou announces first chip Xuantie 910: strongest RISC-V processor in industry

Xuan Tie 910's performance breakthrough is due to two major technological innovations: the complex out-of-order execution architecture, implemented with 3 Emissions 8, is the industry's first RISC-V process to achieve 2 memory approaches per cycle based on RISC -In extensions More than 50 instructions systematically improve the computer's, storage and multi-core capabilities of RISC-V.

In addition, Pingtou Ge announced the Pu Hui Chip program, the future will open the Black Core 910 IP Core, a global developer can download the FPGA processor code for a free, fast chip prototype and architectural innovations.

Pingtou announces first chip Xuantie 910: strongest RISC-V processor in industry

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