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"breaking the waves and driving the wind, you go with you" Docks big scale Huang Jingyu birthday party will be hotly attacked – Entertainment News

On November 30, the Tencent Video Doki birthday meeting, "Crossing the Waves and Driving the Wind", was held at the International Expo City in Chengdu. A total of 1200 fans came to the scene, and 2,678,301 fans watched live broadcasts and issued 69,809 barracks.

Online and offline synchronization for more than two hours of close-range interaction, "Brother Whale" and the Whale Group opened a wonderful adventure. From the interaction with fans, the show for opening "Flying Life", lovers of love have a loving interaction, and then in public welfare, a warm house, fans in this process face face to face with Aidou, feel that "brother whale" is full of pet with pets, many fans shouted: "This is the happiest moment in November!"

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Huang Jingyu Docks car "great adventure" Pirate Bucket Challenge to open the first pet powder

The model debuted Huang Jingyu, with remarkable looks and continued efforts to win the recognition of the fans – he is "Action on the Red Sea," hard and calm and calm, Gu Shun, is the overpowering and warm heart of "The First Love of Chitose" Helan Jingwei is also an adventurous Lin Yidong of "Flying Life" … Every character he creates is extremely three-dimensional and rich. He once said: "I am a newcomer, the experience is not very rich, but I will not deceive the audience and will be deceived." Seriously, he can endure difficulties, gain self-stature in the role, as the fans say "like Huang Jinggui worthy of keeping the whales."

Huang Jingyu Birthday Party "," Huang Jingyu Birthday Party "," Huang Jingyu ", incarnates passengers, takes the bus of the five fans at the scene and communicates with them in the fun" big adventure "in the car.Huang Jingyu is" high cold "appearance of God god, in fact, hides the soul of" humorous and funny ", the pirate barrel challenge opens the black regime, raises his hand to show the temper of the next big brother, and has a loving interaction with everyone, even for fans. Look.



Surprise the freak freak of the queen appearance Huang Jingyu docks birthday party hot pet powder

All together, fans know that Huang Jingyu is very skillful, but his songs and dances are also very spiritual. At the opening, Juan Jingyu performed the song "Taoxiang" for the fans. Subsequently, Jing Yu also showed his voice with a piece of "Ideal Sun", which made fans feel tears and call the blood tank empty.


In the grand scale, the degree of pet food from beans is only unexpected and can not be done. On the scene, Huang Jingyu was full of pets. Fans of the "Queen of the Whales" continued to enjoy the exclusive benefits! The brother of the whale and the queen's dust intimately laughed and laughed.

Huang Jingyu also began a game of treasure with other fans of the same scene. Through several rounds of interaction, the brother and whale fans have successfully completed the challenge. Intimate Huang Jingyu also prepared a loving gift for fans, such as thermos cups, lipsticks, hands warmers, etc. In the early winter, saving energy received such a "lively" heat, the fans expressed super luck and moved.

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Public well-being hot house dressing challenge message idol positive energy

"Doki big scale" Huang Jingyu birthday party special session, public welfare hot house connection Huang Jingyu and auxiliary guests Hao Hao together to complete the spill challenge, through this very ceremonial connection, advocates to add a piece of clothing for those who need heat Also, I appeal to everyone to donate right-handed dense clothes for children in remote areas, outdoor workers and other people who need heat. The pilgrims responded positively, praised the behavior of idols, and expressed their readiness to join this charity.

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<p>When Huang Jinggu and fans carried out a wave of intimate interaction on the spot, fans watching live broadcast online continued to make big "acetic scenes" and repeatedly expressed "envy," "嫉妒" and "love brothers" through the barrage. Slamming the spot … The interaction between online and offline lines has also brought the warm atmosphere of the whole Doxo scale to a climax again.</p>
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Fans like to sing a birthday song, Yu, you will never leave.

At the end of the great staircase, the video recorder, specially prepared for a brother whale, is playing the whale watching group. The admirers of the video admitted. Fans at the venue also prepared a special birthday cake for the lovely beans and sang a birthday song for the brother of the whale with deep blessings. Huang Jingyu was moved to tears, and then Juan Jingu were the fans who were on the scene and always supported. We express our gratitude and use "stubborn" to open a new year of good times. This great grand scale is the perfect ending to the true love of love beans and admirers.

This "Docks Big Scale", a total of more than 2.67 million people who are observers, can see the popularity of the docks grand scale among the fans. Tencent video doki also enters the hearts of fans with a super-high-profile word-of-mouth activity "doki ladder". Different from the previous fan meeting, the Docks community specifically organized C-seat tickets for fans, exclusive queens, intimate interaction with the stars and sharing docks with Aidou to enter the venue and other benefits. At the same time, fans are not only participants in offline activities, but also deep co-creators. In the big duck scale, lovely beans are not the role of cold ice on the screen, but a real touchable man that can be guided, get energy from lovely beans and actively strive for progress. This upward spirit is a Tencent video. The essence of docks.

The cold at the beginning of the winter can not match the enthusiasm of the fans. The Docky Big Scale will continue to create opportunities for fans to get in touch with love beans! In the great scale of docks, not only the popular whale brother Huang Jingju, but also the male god Wang Kai, who is worthy and talented, "national husband" Xiong Yuqi, also There are different kinds of love, such as Li Hongji and Xing Zhaoin. In the future, whom do you want to face on the great scale of Docky? Stay!

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