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Beijing police "back to the sky" 100-day action to solve the case of more than a thousand _ Sina News

Original title: Beijing police "returned to heaven and sword" 100-day action

Beijing News (journalist Zuo Janian) today (January 31), a Beijing news reporter learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau that from October 27, 2018 to the end of January 2019, the Municipal Bureau organized 18 functional departments and Chaoyang, Haidian and Changping Bureau public security has a total of more than 1,200 police officers and launched a special campaign to "regain the heavenly sword". During the operation, police in Beijing fired more than 1,000 cases and acted with more than 2,300 people in custody.


More than 700 people in criminal detention

According to the police in Beijing, during the operation, prominent crimes against gambling, fraud, wicked forces, drug trafficking and other serious crimes that seriously affected the sense of security of the people have destroyed a bogus and fraudulent certificate of more than 200 people. More than 100 cards are used to attract illegal criminal industrial chains.

In addition, three gangs of telecommunications fraud, three black gangs, a black mediator, seven street gangs, seven gangs for plagiarism, eight gangs of drugs and gang gangs and a Gao gang were killed. More than 30 illegal criminal gangs, such as gangs that have long been rooted in the "return region", found more than 1,000 cases and criminal detentions of more than 700 people, an increase of 148.2% and 177, 9%, respectively.

For the strong public order of the people, focusing on 32 city-level closures and 91 county closure levels, highlighting issues such as the fight against the black car, illegal operation, distribution of small commercials and ejection of dead drugs. As well as pedicure baths, song and dance parties, electronic entertainment and other entertainment venues, systematic and regional clearing and remediation and the involvement of law enforcement forces such as comprehensive management, transport, urban management, industry and trade, to normalize scope of correction.

According to statistics, during the operational period, 110 criminal and police situations similar to the order decreased by 63.6% and 50.4%, respectively.

Police said that with the launch of Thunder, Lee Sword, Tikwan and Clean Land and other special actions, they removed more than 200 yellow gambling lodgings, corrected more than 1,200 road accidents and seized more than 800 vehicles. . Meanwhile, the police situation with a yellow-white and white-black motorcycle dropped by 33.1%, 33.7% and 35.8%, respectively.

More than 22,000 fires have been corrected

In the special action, the special office of the municipal office, the leading group for a special action to act in Changping County and the streets and towns of Huitian District regularly hold meetings to promote the work. The fire brigade cooperated with 11 departments, including urban management, industry and commerce, and 8 police types, such as public security and population, to oversee and promote more than 22,000 fires, seized and ordered 500 units of three stops and installed fire alarms and fires in key areas. Monitoring and other equipment 56,000, fire alarm decreased by 31.9%.

At the same time, the eight professional institutions of the traffic control department stationed in the city, the city traffic police support in various places, on the spot punishment of 150,000 illegal actions, while at the same time closing the account, adding insulation barriers more than 4,300 meters, marking line of 18 km, additional construction The number of parking berths increased by 5,000, and the congestion alarm dropped by 12%.

The population promoted the activities to visit the "return to heaven," bringing together activities for large-scale visits with investigations and resolving contradictions, police cases, publicity and prevention, accumulating a total of 72,000 households and 104,000 people and distributing 332,000 copies of advertising materials. More than 1,100 contradictions and disputes were solved, more than 8,400 security risks were overcome, and 49 difficulties were solved for the masses.

Add more than 2,500 high-definition surveillance probes

In the construction of the law enforcement team, the Municipal Public Security Bureau formed the traffic brigade Huilingung on the difficulties and problems of law enforcement and law enforcement guarantees at the Champing Sub-Bureau, and at the same time extended the police station, the newly built Tiantongyuan North and the Dongsanqi Police Station. Based on the initial 35 police rooms in the community of Tianjiang, 13 police offices of the community were built, renovated and expanded.

At the same time, the BiH Public Security Bureau actively sought the support of the party committee and government, upgraded the construction of more than 2,500 high-definition probes and achieved full coverage of key points.

At present, a total of 36 communities, villages and some places have completed an intelligent construction, and more than 1,300 sets of equipment have been installed, thus continuously improving the ability of the community to prevent and control. More than 2,400 genuine managers, 7,000 security guards and 41,000 groups of anti-government government "red bands" were organized in the construction of the defense mechanism of the group.

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