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2018-11-10 16:15:05 Source: Beijing Evening News

Continue the journey, continue the fight and continue to win. Last night, Beijing Shougang's team defeated the Zhejiang Guangsha 95-91 team to break the opponent's undefeated body this season. "I am proud of the players, my heart is still jumping now." After the match, the impressions of the coach Yannis reflect the excellent team play and hard won victory.

Beijing media: AJ Dahan joined forces to stop Guangsha Beijing will adopt a sweet plan next week

Before the war, the Guangsha team season began to win, so you could imagine the difficulties that Shougang's team was struggling with. Perhaps because of this, the Shougang team is in a calm state of mind, putting the bulls on the fight is not afraid of the tiger's position, with a wave of 10 to 0. The main team is not complete, which makes the Shougang team more determined to defend the bridgehead, in the first quarter it is played more generally and more patiently. Under the strong pressure of the Shougang team, the Guangsha team scored only 9 points in the first quarter, which was extremely incorrect.

Two teams met for the first time this season, the Shougang team lost in the second quarter and the opponent scored 23 points in one quarter. Last night, after entering the second quarter from 9 to 22, the Guangsha team scored 5 points as soon as they arrived. Shougang's team immediately crashed, avoiding the repetition of the previous one block failure. However, the team from Guangsha has since pushed the difference to 4 points, and the team Shouganga clenched his teeth and did not let take off opponents. At the end of the half Shougang led 46-36. Although the Guangsha team later narrowed down the points difference, the Shougang team corrected in time to control the situation, and continued to maintain a 10-point lead in three quarters.

According to the tendency of the first three quarters, the heart of coach Shougang Yannis does not "jump". After entering the fourth quarter, the situation in the field is constantly changing. The Shougang team once extended the lead to 18 points, but the Guangsha team made a wave of 14 to 2 throughout the match, scoring only 6 points.

During the gluing, the judge also stood to "create a tense atmosphere" and watched the continuous video playback so that the game was interrupted. Over 30 seconds after the match ended, the referee suddenly stopped the game to watch the video, whistling the controversy that took place more than 20 seconds ago, but since then both teams have only scored once. Finally the judge said Jackson had broken the foul, two teams did not count every time, the game time returned to the remaining 56 seconds, the Guangsha team scored 7 points, but Zhao Yanyi did not enter the free-kick. Then, to punish the ball, the referee returned to watch the video after Shougang's team threw the ball at the Guangsha team, challenged and continued to watch the video, which resulted in the Guangsha team's ball. After several twists and turns, the Guangsha team once caught up to only two points. Fortunately, Shougang's team finally stabilized the situation and won the victory.

Guangsha team used the "All-China Class" in the fourth quarter, because the status of two foreign help was not able to satisfy the main coach Li Chunjiang. For comparison, Jackson and Hamilton from the band Shougang play at their proper level, and two together scored 57 points. In particular, Hamilton introduced two offensive games on the offensive, in the second half Dahan made 10 of 13 shots, scored 23 points and 5 rebounds, sent 31 points and 11 rebounds, Counterattack was very strong in the Guangsha team. In this case, its result is the key to the stabilization of the army. Another important player in the Shougang team is Wang Yuhui. After returning, he played in a defensive game in two consecutive games, which greatly limited the number of super foreign helpers such as Fredette and Fordson.

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