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Audit Commission: The problem of insufficient payment or insufficient payment of funds for fixed assets for donations should not be cut across the board – News – Global IC commerce starts here –

On December 24, 2018, entrusted by the State Council, Audit Director Hu Zion corrected the problems identified by the State Council for the implementation of the central budget execution of 2017 and other audits of fiscal revenues and expenditures at the seventh meeting of the 13th National congress of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress. Report. To further understand the relevance of this report, the journalist interviewed the responsible comrades of the Policy Research Office of the Audit Committee.

Reporter: This year is a key year for reforming the audit management system. The audit work has achieved excellent results in many respects. What do you think about the performance features for the correction for the 2017 audit?

A: As you said, 2018 is a key year for audit institutions to promote management system reforms and optimize audit responsibilities. The third plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC decided to set up a central audit committee to strengthen the party's leadership over the audit work and to build a centralized, single, comprehensive, authoritative and efficient audit and oversight system. The audit committee consistently implemented the main decision-making decisions of the Central Committee of the Party, understood the focus of the audit work, the point of entry of the reform of the audit management system and the key points of its own audit organization structure and implemented a centralized and unified leadership of the party's audit work. More specifically, I have the following characteristics in the audit work of the audit to find out the problem:

First, the party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to this. On May 23, 2018, Secretary-General Xi Jinping chaired the first Central Audit Committee meeting and held an important speech, noting that all localities and departments, especially the leading staff at all levels, should actively support and cooperate with audit work and voluntary to accept the audit supervision in accordance with the law. Seriously corrects problems identified by the audit, thoroughly reviews and adopts audit recommendations, and improves policy measures and institutional rules in different areas. In July, Prime Minister Lee Kekyang presided over the State Council's Executive Council meeting specializing in recruiting, requiring the setting up of bills, clear timeframes, focusing on dealing with key issues, ensuring the write-off of accounts and increasing oversight and inspection .

Second, the relevant parties honestly fulfilled their responsibility for rectification. The revised units conscientiously implemented the main liability of the correction, and most of them focused on researching and deploying correction works, setting up accounting accounts in accordance with the requirements, and studying the measures one by one and the pillar accountability. In some places it was found that the revisions were corrected and processed. The relevant authorities carefully lead and monitor the solid improvement and rectification of the industry, and some have implemented the corrective actions in the industry and established mechanisms for cross-sectoral coordination to form a correction force. The Audit Committee issues a list of correction notices and detailed questions, and in accordance with the "auditing authority responsible for subsequent inspections", audit bodies at all levels are organized to monitor the authenticity and effectiveness of the corrective measures, one after one.

Thirdly, the correction has achieved remarkable results. Relevant units insisted on reforming and revising and reforming, and some problems were corrected during the audit. Some surrendered to the state treasurer, replenished taxes, repaid loans, repaid funds and co-ordinated after the audit pointed out the problems. Revitalize, transfer, etc. actively promote rectification. According to statistics, since late October 2018, most of the problems have been corrected, and the relevant departments, units and locations have fixed the problem in the amount of 295.558 billion yuan. At the same time, in-depth analysis of the causes of the problems, careful study and adoption of audit recommendations, consolidation and correction from the institutional mechanism. Results: 2.944 relevant rules and regulations were formulated and improved, accountability was strengthened through interviews, return of injuries and transfer to judiciary, and a total of 3,299 persons were covered. As the correction work continues, the effect will be further detected.

Reporter: From the introduction, I got a general impression, and the effect of correcting is really good. Can you further assess the effectiveness of the renovation in 2017?

A: Okay. The correction report was mainly reflected in the "Report of the State Council for the implementation of the central budget for 2017 and other audits of financial incomes and expenditures", assigned by the State Council at the Third Session of the 13th National Standing Committee of the National Congress of the Peoples June this year. Situation of correction. The measures and the corrective effects of the relevant departments, units and localities are summarized as follows:

The first is to promote comprehensive and in-depth reforms. Regarding the reform of the fiscal system and the tax system, the Ministry of Finance and other departments vigorously promoted taxation, fee reform and transfer transfer reform, optimized the structure of fiscal spending and built a comprehensive structure for managing budgetary outcomes, issued norms for evaluation of tax incentives policy, expanded the preferential coverage of policies, and promoted the release of dividends for reforms. In the reform of the "distribution service", to clean up and integrate administrative checks and approval issues, stop or reduce non-core government interventions on the market, study and integrate government information systems, and continuously optimize business environment. Regarding the state's reform of the company, the reform of the state-owned capital management system and the reform of mixed ownership were deepened, the plan for implementing the reforms in the enterprises was formulated, the central enterprises were integrated and reorganized, the industrial structure was optimized and the main activity the industry was strengthened. Regarding the social development reform, we will deepen the reform of public hospitals, promote the national association of donation insurance, and improve the work model for poverty reduction and the poverty reduction mechanism.

The second is to implement the main strategic and policy measures. In order to promote the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the relevant sites will accelerate the allocation of land rights assets, increase the certification rate for certification of power, increase support for new agricultural businesses, establish a mechanism for wage disaster response and will pay the wages of migrant workers on time. Regarding industrial restructuring, relevant sites and units return or co-ordinate the use of award-winning assets for breach of regulations, formulate resettlement programs for enterprises, improve capital performance, formulate plans, and organize batch cleaning to eliminate backward production capacity. The relevant departments conscientiously implemented the requirements for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship and cleaned up the phenomenon of "only papers, only professional titles, only academic qualifications and self awards", and studied and crushed the bottlenecks of politics that influence the development of innovation and entrepreneurship . Efforts will be made to strike on three major battles, rigorously implement local government debt management requirements, decisively prevent implicit debt increases, promote quantitative solutions in an orderly way and prevent and control financial risks; promoting the implementation of precise poverty reduction policies, consolidating various basic tasks and improving the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. Establishment of a mechanism for coordination of environmental protection, acceleration of land preparation and spatial planning and control of the development zone and small hydropower.

The third is to implement all industry repairs stocks. While the relevant competent departments maintain and monitor the improvement of the industry, they can implement specific measures to tackle financing problems, reduce poverty, resources and the environment, etc., which can form regional and industrial risks or incorporate the findings of audit in the correction priorities. Strengthen the correction effect. For example, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the National Bank of China, the Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments made special corrections for securing the financing of the real estate sector in violation of the regulations and supervision of the relevant financial institutions for collection on loans or formulating collection plans. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has identified electric fisheries as the key content of a series of special measures to implement the "China Fisheries Liangjian 2018", while the Ministry of Water Resources and the National Commission for Development and Reform jointly carried out the rural hydropower in the Engines River Economic Belt . Comprehensive investigation of outstanding environmental issues, the specialization of working styles in the field of poverty reduction across the country.

The fourth is to strengthen the construction of a long-term mechanism. The specific problems identified in the audit audit are often inseparable from the establishment of a long-term mechanism. For some irreversible problems that have already taken place, the correction effect through a long-term mechanism may be better. In order to more fully and objectively reflect the state of the rectification and facilitate the understanding of the audience, the correction report of the year will establish a sound and a long-term mechanism as the main line extending through it. In particular, in the section "Implementation of the audit recommendations", the majority of the content is related to the establishment of a long-term mechanism. In the separate audit departments, the construction of the long-term mechanism was fully reflected. On the issue of managing the central budget, the Ministry of Finance studies and formulates the amendments, including the grants of the international financial organization in general public budget management, clarification of the allocation factors, weights and conditions for implementation and exit from the relevant special transfers and expansion of the the implementation of the state-owned capital management budgets. Scope and other departments, while the relevant departments examine and regulate clues to review violations of laws and regulations and improve reform measures in the area of ​​sign concentration. At the same time, the causes of some problems are complicated. It is difficult for one department to completely correct the situation, to strengthen the communication between the relevant departments, to establish a cross-sectoral mechanism for rectification and coordination and to jointly implement the responsibility for rectification.

Reporter: We noticed that correcting some problems continues to progress. What is the main situation?

A: Yes, the correction of some problems still persists, and the reasons are more complicated. We conducted an in-depth analysis of these issues and summarized them in three situations in the rectification report: First, it involves major reform issues. For example, if the percentage of transfer payments for a specific purpose is still high, the overall solution depends on the sound and perfection of the modern financial system, there is no reform of some "distribution services" that involve the transfer of functions to local departments. Fixing these problems should continually progress through deepening reforms. The latter is associated with a more complex external environment. For issues such as insufficient payment or insufficient payment of basic old-age insurance funds and environmental recovery deposits due to the adjustment of the national policy, the relevant sites will be handled in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, and some for the time being can be renewed, some development zones have a long-term development. For these problems, it is inappropriate that "one size fits all" when it is corrected, and it is necessary to make a choice and careful treatment depending on the development of the situation. The third is associated with multi-sector or multi-agency coordination. For some central property leasing departments, the housing security project can not cope with the completion of the inspection and registration, the loss of state-owned assets, etc., the relevant parties should further clarify relations with property rights, fill them procedures for resolving the fund, approval for construction, etc. These jobs take some time, and some of them are still relatively long.

Regarding the correction of these problems, the relevant departments, units and locations have made arrangements and obligations, will intensify reforms and innovations, conduct thorough investigations and investigations, form opinions and approval plans as soon as possible, classify policies, speed up relevant work processes and strengthen the respective departments. Judiciary, etc. Communicate and coordinate and constantly promote correction. The audit agency will also continue to strengthen subsequent inspections, invite auditees to continue to implement the main responsibility for the correction, and to promote the relevant authorities to seriously supervise and manage the management and to provide a correction effect.

Reporter: In the future, how will the audit agency further promote the removal of problems identified by the audit?

A: We will fully study and implement the spirit of the 19th and 19th Central and 3rd plenary sessions of the party and we will take on the new era of socialism of Xi Kinping with Chinese characteristics as a guide for the further unification of thoughts and actions to the Central Committee of the Party and the State Council on the economic situation. Analyze and judge the decision-making process and their deployment and to fully perform the tasks of audit supervision in accordance with the law. First, stick to legal audits to ensure the quality of the audit. The high quality of the audit work, the indicated problems and the suggested suggestions are convincing and represent an important basis for doing good work in the correction. Audit bodies will adhere to the general tone of continuous progress and work, are conscientiously implementing the new development concept, focusing on deepening structural reforms on the supply side and setting up three major battles, continuously promoting full coverage of audits, promoting the construction of a modernized economic system and promote the vitality of players in the market. They strictly define the audit authority, strictly regulate the conduct of the audit, strictly enforce the legal procedures, further improve the professional competence of the audit staff, and additionally enhance the authority and credibility of the audit oversight. The second is to persist in objective and realistic and to implement the important requirements of "three separate zones". Ние совесно ќе го имплементираме барањето на Централниот комитет на Партијата за понатамошно инспирирање на нови кадри во новата ера, земајќи нови прашања, инсистирајќи на сеопфатен и дијалектички поглед на проблемот, длабинска анализа на причините за проблемите, објективно и прудентно правење евалуации и заклучоци, поттикнување на истражување и иновации, поддршка на улогата и промовирање на создавањето. Добра околина погодна за претприемништвото на кадарот. Третиот е да се промовира институционализација на работата за исправка. Зајакнување на последователните инспекции, поттикнување и понатамошна имплементација на одговорноста за отстранување на главната одговорност и надзор и управување, и промовирање на формирање на добра состојба на колективна исправка. Зајакнување на интеграцијата на резултатите од ревизијата, промовирање отчетност, промовирање на управување, подобрување на системите и продлабочување на реформите.

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