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Armed Police Yunnan General Corps officers and soldiers to protect the motherland of the rivers Jinsha Masses – People's Daily Foreign Edition – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-24 04:25:09 Source: National Daily Issue Abroad

"The soldiers are coming, my heart is hot".
– Police and men from Yunnan's army police corps are guarding the homes of the Yinsha River

A picture made by an unmanned spacecraft from the village when the summits of the flood pass through the village.

Liao Tianyun picture

Commander of the High Security Armed Forces Commander Yunnan Tim (right) went to the front to check the disaster and direct the troops.

Lee Shikai painting

On November 15, Hongfeng arrived in Liang City, Yunnan province. The picture depicts officers and men from the Liejiang Detachment of the Armed Forces carrying material for the local population.

Xu Qiuyu picture

The political commissar of the Yunnan Police Armed Forces Wang Hongbin (right) has directed the deployment of disaster relief work overnight.

Loyalty to tension

On November 14, the tip of the flood of Lake Bajg in the Yinsha River was transmitted through Yunnan Deking. The Yunnan Army Corps Corps department has sent more than 300 officers and men to rescue at the scene of the crash. The picture shows officers and soldiers moving urgently for transport materials.

Lee Yang

On November 16, officers and men from the Dicking military police ate in an open space in the village of Shivan, in the city of Shangjang, in the city of Shangri-La.

Photo by Wang Ventao

On November 16, officers and men from the Diking Armed Police Department helped the villagers of the second group from the village of Shivang, Shangyang Township, Shangri-La City to clean their wounds.

Photo by Wang Ventao

On November 17, officers and men from the Vaiking squad from the Diking Detachment of the armed police helped the masses to transfer back the materials.

Photo by Mi Yuhua

At 13:45 on November 13, Baisha Lake in Jinshajiang reached a maximum capacity for storing water of about 576 million cubic meters. At 18 o'clock, the maximum airflow reaches 31,000 cubic meters per second, and transports around 2 pm to 2 pm. In Yunnan, the provincial armed police corps in Yunnan Province immediately launched a Class III response mechanism. Dicking, Liang and some detention stationed on the Qianli River in the Jinsha River for the first time broke the "number of the assembly," night and night fought for more than 72 hours and began a "battle for the defense of the homeland". ".

Corps commander Gao Daowan led the former rally to the front of the Yinsha River to command and fight side by side with officers and men at the front. Political Commissioner Wang Hongbin carefully monitored the lake's danger of a barrier in a 24-hour period and promptly prepared emergency assistance to rescue the troops. In the villages of Mugao, Liangmei, Fukui, Gran, Sivan, etc., which are close to the 1000 km long Yinsha River, the officers and men of the armed police who fight day and night and timely and efficient materials are transported sand and set tents. Work to rescue the injured and transfer the masses to ensure the safety of life and property of people.

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