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2018-11-30 03:14:13 Source: Lanzhou Daily

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Getting SpongeBob believes that many people are familiar with this funny and kind cartoon picture, which is accompanied by countless children since its launch in 1999. At the 27th local time, the creator of "SpongeBob", Stephen Helenberg, died in the United States for more than a year after fighting with frozen people at the age of 57.

Born in Oklahoma, USA, Stephen Helenberg was fascinated by the ocean and was interested in art when he was a child. In 1984, he began to focus on marine resources. Later, he became a professor of marine biology at the Institute of Oceanography. The love of Stefan Helenberg for art and marine life made him write stories in the form of teaching tools and created a wonderful and wonderful world of children's. On the Bikini Beach, SpongeBob and his friends sent big stars, octopus brothers, crab bosses and others to solve problems in solving problems and gaining friendship and joy.

The first episode of "SpongeBabies" was aired on the Nickel International Children's Channel on May 1, 1999 and was completely aired on July 17 of the same year. So far, the show has been broadcasting nearly 250 episodes. It not only attracts kids but also students. He has received several awards, such as the Emmy Award and the Ann Award, and has been translated into more than 60 languages ​​and familiar with many countries. Movies SpongeBob has more than $ 140 million in global box office sales. Cartoon peripherals have created more than $ 12 billion in revenue.

By 2017, SpongeBob SquarePants began a total of eleven seasons, with a square body and two large circular eyes. SpongeBob with thin arms and thin legs is so far widespread from the Nick Children's Channel. One of the most popular and popular cartoon characters, one of the most popular characters in American animation history. In March last year, Steven Helenberg suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as "gradual freezing". At that time, he told the outside world that even if he was ill, he would not cease to create, and he would always follow what he was passionate about. □ According to CCTV Finance

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