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Acura: Believe in each of your own shots Varton: LBJ will play in the team competition – his own, Ram, Inge, Wharton, too – NBA wide angle

2019-01-30 16:38:09 Source: A wide corner of the NBA

Original title: Acura: Believe in every single shot Wharton: LBJ will play in the team's sword

Beijing during the news of January 30th, although the whole Ingram game has hit a personal career with a single-point rating of 36 points, McGuy also had 17 points and 13 rebounds, but unfortunately the Lakers 105 -121 Lost to 76 people.

Speaking about the slow start of the team, Ingram said: "We made too many mistakes, we did not enter the country, but then we started a counterattack, we avoided mistakes, aggressively and we try to allow our teammates to participate in the game."

"Although we did not complete the excavations in the first quarter, I am happy and proud of the counter-attack of the team in the second quarter." But we did not play hard in the first quarter, we made too many mistakes. , our players worked hard to compete. "The Lakers coach, Wharton, said:" We are not fighting at the start of the match.

Speaking of Ingram's performance, Wharton said: "He (Ingram) made several mistakes in the game, but I saw an increase from him. He is trying to find a balance and when to fight aggression. Sex, when the teammates should join he has the ability to do so. He is a qualified passer and has this ability. "

In addition, Wharton also said the team intends to allow James to participate in the team competition tomorrow. But for LeBron to return to Clippers on Friday, Wharton did not give a clear answer.

When talking about his own country, Ingram said: "I just hit the shot, polishing my skills in the training hall. On the ground I just want to find the position I want, to choose a better mobile phone, to believe in my Every shot, trying to attack the edge, trying to stand on the free-throw line and get a better cell phone for teammates. "

When he spoke of teammate Rondo, Ingram said: "He (Rondo) can put everyone in the right position, his ability to observe the game is different from ordinary people. When he led us to play a wave of 16 to 0 this is really great top of the top. "

After the match, 76-year-old coach Brett Brown also accepted the interview. Talking about the injury to Embiad's back, Brown said he joked with Embijaya: "Do not pretend to have a back injury after the failure." At the same time, Brown said that the team doctor gave Enbid permission to take part in the competition, and his back should be fine.

Speaking about Ben Simmons' performance, Brown said: "I think he has already played the level of all the stars in the second season. I'm proud of him, he really has a great influence on the game."

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