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"About Love" begins today. Youth Pure Love leads you to survive the beautiful times – "China Daily"

Young pure love idol drama "About Love" produced by Shanghai Qiangsheng film and television and Zhejiang Xinshi film and television will be aired in Tencent video at 8:00 pm tonight. The play was produced by Luo Phaping as producer, Xu Wenyuun as producer, Li Dan as producer, director Xu Yushan, Zhou Wei and Shan Xinkang co-writer, Jan Xi, Xu Xiaonuo, Kai Yizia, Yang Xinying, Hu Wenzhao, Li Xinbo and other stars. It mainly tells about the three love of love and the family that are not ashamed of each other, and the real fairy tale about a clean, sweet pet with no canine blood.

The classic "IP" turned into a winter must have a cookie

A pure love drama "About Love" is adapted from the novel of the same name by Li Lysiang, the leader of the online novel. She tells the story of a sweet love story of "Wonderful Beauty Girl" and "Turning President". Writer Lee Lysiang is the leading figure in online novels. The novel "About Love" is one of her masterpieces. Not only has there been tens of millions of hits online, but a good score of 7.2. Such a classic adaptation of the story of cute pets naturally caused a lot of attention in the book of dust, so that "for love" did not broadcast the first fire.

High art student and painting profession Zhou (Xu Xiaonuo), in the process of his childhood, Li Mingcheng (Hu Wenzhao), accidentally met with Yan Xi ornaments, Yunma Group president. Wei's look is remarkable, and the look of his family is remarkable. He is the diamond king who often goes to the magazine, and is also a friend hanging around and changing his clothes faster than his girlfriend. He is so fashionable, he has a strange disease that is difficult to talk about – an "intimate phobia," and when he comes in contact with people, he will be allergic. Wei Ching's miraculous disease was immune only to Zhou. As a result of "healing," he began trying to "tie" Zhou. A series of routine goals of Wei Weiqing, so that a simple girl's rabbit for a girlfriend is to avoid the leader of the fox Wei King, and even "successfully fired," which led to a series of funny stories.

Create a pure love fairy tale without canine blood

Unlike most pure love plays, which are complex, interpersonal and emotionally attached, the pure love drama "For Love" is a "fairy tale" without a plot, without deception, without betrayal. Although Jan Xi, the president of Jan Xi, has no shortage of persecutors, he only sees the love of his heart from start to finish. He never doubted the quality of Zhou in the face of provocation, while Xu Xiaono's week is from a poor family, but With the qualities of integrity, courage, enthusiasm, benefit and never giving up, we constantly transmit the positive energy that loves life to the audience. Although life does not have to have such a "strange doctor" like Wei King, the love we follow is actually very simple – you do not have to scatter the dog's blood and you should not die. Just change your heart with your heart, it's enough to touch the hearts of people.

In addition to the love story between the fox and the rabbit, "About Love" also show two more "CPs" of sweetness ———————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– – Lee Mingcheng. These two pairs of "CP" also met with the audience at the first exhibition "For Love": Lin Feifei looks like "money is supreme," but she is also a passionate girl who has a knife for her friends. The heroic spirit is very "very stylish", the super QIujing super IQ makes its views on "love" and "love" more indifferent and separate, so it seems particularly difficult to chase. 3 pairs of "CP" in "For Love" collided with a spark, the dog can not stop, the sugar to soften.

The professional team leads you to experience youthful times

Shanghai Qiangsheng Film and Television Co., Ltd., together with the Taiwanese popular idol drama director Xu Yushan, famous screenwriter Zhou Wei and Shan Xinkang, crafted and polished the script to make the story of "For Love" unconventional and to present a more delicate image. Director Xu Xiaoshan directed the "Heart of the Heart" and "The Youth in Your Name". It can be said that shooting of youthful works is already known. The main producer of the show, Xu Wengjun, also checked for a number of high-quality film and television dramas. Artist Wu Guoui and stylist Chen Javen are responsible for the restoration of the stage and style of the character "For Love", and the aesthetic concept of the youth is also more beautiful and fashionable. The well-designed details and moments in the film are like a bed with a strong feeling for a bedroom, a great oil on canvas at the studio of Nin Fei, various images and a birthday with a patch of pink fabric, waiting for the audience. Discovery. Week "Small white rabbit" will easily become the captive of the fox? "Wei King's ex-girlfriend" Zhang Yui does not look like a fuel efficient lamp, how will you deal with that Zhou? There is also a mysterious Ning Fei, he is Who is the identity? Reciprocal exchange, sweet and constant "for love" will be broadcast on Tencent video all night at 8:00 pm, so stay tuned.

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